Q: Hi I was very excited to discover your website. My mum is 64 and is very poorly with COPD. She has almost every puffer and tablets in the doctors surgery and is getting worse. I would love a copy of your book could you e mail it or post it, Im not very good with computers so not quite sure how the e books work. I will try anything to get my mum better she deserves so much more than she has now. I would like to buy some of the serrapeptase and am trying to work out how to do this on the computer. Thank you for your advice and information. -Jill R., United Kingdom

A: Follow the COPD Health Plan as well as the eBook. Email everyday if needed.

Q: Hello,

Please could you tell me which would be best to purchase: Yamoa Powder or Ajebine capsules? It is for Asthma and COPD.
Also, can I pay with a Maestro Debit Card? How many days should it take to reach me in London England? -Sarah W., United Kingdom

A: Dear Sarah,

Yamoa is the established product for these conditions you mention. Yes it is for both Asthma and COPD.

Yes you can pay by debit card. You are advised to purchase it in the UK as you will be charged VAT/Duty/Post Office handling charge of £30 for these taxes. It takes about 7 days from the USA. Ordering it in the UK www.GoodHealthNaturally.com, it is sent out same day for orders placed before 1pm.

My recommendations are to also take:

  • SerraPlus+ or BlockBuster
  • Curcumin98

Q: Dear Robert:

I live in San Diego, California and my next door neighbor is Lisa C. who has some connection to your products and highly recommends that I take Serrapeptase. She already has me on Curcumin98 but I would like to explain to you my medical problems and medications that I take so that you can give me the go-ahead!

I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and take a daily inhaler called “Floradil”, which seems to help. I also have some osteoporosisissues with my hips, so am on a medication called “Evista.” Eight years ago I developed throat cancer, was successfully treated with chemo and radiation, but the radiation destroyed my saliva glands. As a result, I readily contract “candida,” a thrush-like rash in my mouth. For that I take twice-weekly doses of Diflucan to keep it under control. My doctor also has me on “Singulair”, which is supposed to help guard against asthma-like attacks from environmental conditions.

I’m 71 years old, a very active golfer, in pretty good shape, eat well, etc.etc. but I live in fear of contracting pulmonary or bronchial infections as I’ve been hospitalized for these twice in the last 10 years. My breathing is normally pretty good unless we have environmental conditions that cause the bronchial issues, such as smog and wildfires, both prevalent in this area. I would appreciate an answer from you at your convenience. Thank you so much. -Jan H., United States

A: I have been hoping to hear from you since Lisa first mentioned you. My mother died of COPD at age 65 and I have spent the last 22 years researching the solution to it. I have helped many thousands of suffers world wide and look forward to helping you.

I trust you may be feeling some benefit from the Curcumin98 but there are other things you can take to give you a better and healthier future.

  1. Diet is critical. See separate food plan sent via email. This will help both the COPD and reverse the ostoporosis by alkalizing your body.
  2. Keep going with Curcumin98
  3. Add BlockBuster serrapeptase formula.
  4. Add OxySorb to improve oxygen absorption.
  5. Add BetaFactor (Beta 1,3-D Glucan) to support your immune system.
  6. Add Olive Leaf extract and keep it in case of any infection. Take it at the hihgest dose to quickly clear it up.
  7. If you still need the drugs after a month or so take a course of AJEBINE™ powder or caps to get you of them. They all have long term side effects.

I look forward to hearing your good results.

Q: Hi Robert, I still feel nauseous with Serrapeptase. Have tried four brands in all dont think they like me! Anything just as good as serrapetase that you know of? (For COPD) Thanks in advance. -Sue G., United Kingdom

A: Have you followed my digestive recovery plan? If so and no results, then follow the COPD plan in this link and replace Serranol with CurcuminX4000.