Liver disease treatment FAQS

Q: Mr. Redfern,

I just received my serrapeptase order and have been searching your site for information on its effect on cirrhosis of the liver and haven’t found anything. Could you address this for me as it appears that I’m suffering from this or some type of serious liver fibrosis? Thank you.

A: Serrapeptase is good for the liver but to recover your liver you need a full recovery plan. I am sending it in the link below:

Liver Health Plan and Liver Health Activity Plan


Q: I have a Fatty Liver, and was advised to look into Serrapeptase?

Can you advise me?


A: Serrapeptase is only a small part in liver recovery. The single supplement with the most effect is Serranol but I am placing the the full plan link below for complete recovery:

Liver Disease Health Plan.




Q: Hi, Robert,

Just read and printed your great booklet “The Miracle Enzyme is Serrapeptase.”

I have recently been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, as an autoimmune disease. I have been prescribed a drug called azathiopaine, 50 mg.

I am wondering if it would be safe to take serrapeptase and is there any information regarding serrapeptase use for liver disease or problems?

I am very interested in possibly ordering from you if this enzyme could be helpful to me.

Thank you and GOD BLESS!


A: Please carefully read your liver recovery plan pasted below. It may seem a lot but at least it gets your liver healthy and clear of drugs.

Liver Disease Health Plan


Please visit:


Q: Hi,

I read somewhere on one sight that serrapeptase could eventually effect the liver.

Is that a concern?

A: If you mean effect the liver by helping to keep it super healthy then yes it does.


Q: Hello, I want to know if serrapeptase will help with fibrosis (nash) of the liver? I researched this on a website called the fatty liver bible. The diagnosing dr. was from France I think. I have been taking 40,000 units once a day but I found that I began to swell. This could be from the simvastatin that I take, or the uloric that I take for gout daily.

I try to watch my diet and I do need to exercise more but I have had to back off of the serrapeptase to see if my water retention is a result or if my liver is worsening. What is your recommendation for dosage amount daily? I read reports that are all over the board.How often should I take this enzyme?


A: My recommendations:

Stop eating starchy carbs, they damage the liver, upset cholesterol, and cause gout.

Stop taking statins

Stop taking gout drugs

Stop trying to eat healthy and start doing it.

To be sure of recovery I recommend following my liver recovery program in the link below:

Liver Health Plan


Q: Can serrapeptase reduce scarring in the liver and aid in ascites?

A: It takes more than serrapeptase on its own. Serranol has four things in it to solve your problems, see attached and

To get a healthy liver also:

Stop alcohol (at least 2 days per week)

Stop (or cut down) eating sugar and starchy carbs (wheat, grains, corn and potatoes)

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients


Q: RE: liver damage caused by long term methotrexate therapy.

My mum has been taking methotrexate for RA for over 15 years. The latest liver test indicates possible liver damage. She is waiting to see a specialist for further treatment. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions that could be of benefit while awaiting for the appointment?

A: I can suggest a plan to totally recover her liver unlike the doctor who have no solutions.


Q: Hi Robert,

Some sixty years ago my wife had liver problems, the name of the illness was yellow jaundice. She recovered but has never been able to eat too much fatty foods. Two weeks ago she had a scan which showed gallstones, also calcium in her arteries ,the doctor said it was nothing to worry about because when people age they always get calcium in the arteries. I do not agree with him, I would like her to start taking serrapeptase but she is worried that it might damage her liver, your opinion on this please?


A: Yellow jaundice is caused by blocked Gallbladder or Hepatitis. Do you know which one it was?

Stones and calcium in the arteries are caused by a lack of Vitamin k1 and K2 in the diet. See

Serrapeptase will help but stopping starchy carbs will as well. See lifestyle plan attached.

I also recommend a Liver Cleanse. see


Q: I just ordered the Blockbuster Allclear and Liver Balance Plus about 5 days ago. I have hep c from 27yrs ago and it’s now gone to the beginning of cirrhosis(my live dr said) I sent the results to a holistic hep c specialist and he said I just have some type of fibrosis not cirrhosis. Anyway I’m 67 and I feel bad all the time. I guess I had just given up because the liver dr told me if I didn’t do the interferon treatment I would die. So being a little more than a social drinker I started drinking a lot because it’s the only thing that made me happy and feel good. Wel somehow on my iPad I found you and I haven’t drank in two weeks and never will again. I’m determined to get well and feel good again.

Please let me know what all I should do and what supplements I should take. I do also have lots of inflammation,had both shoulders and one knee replaced from degenerative arthritis, lots of sinus problems and overweight. Help!!!


A: Have you ordered the things from

Have they arrived?

I am thrilled you have stopped drinking for 2 weeks and still determined. Be careful a few things do not go wrong and you get tempted again. Email me if you need support.

The next big thing to stop if you are up for it is starchy carbs and high sugar foods.

Read my full plan pasted below and you can email me daily if you need support or feedback.

Be absolutely assured you can completely recover your health if you stay on the plan and follow it in detail. I will be with you every step of the way.

Liver Disease Health Plan


Q: What is the best problem to resolve ascites?


A: This is an auto immune disease usually made worse by eating carbs and other high sugar foods. It ends up as Liver disease.

Here is the plan and see the lifestyle plan attached.

Liver Health Plan



Q: I had also ask you about a liver and kidney detox or cleanse, Could he use these

three things:



Krill Oil

with a liver/kidney detox program. NOTHING THAT WILL CAUSE DIARRHEA PLEASE, because of his job.

Thanks for you help.


A: I am just doing my 6 monthly liver and kidney myself. These are critical organs for good health and longevity.

He can start with 1 per day and slowly increase as per the instructions. If he find he starts to become loose then he can cut one back. This way it takes longer but still works.


Q: My question was if he can use all these products at the same time, liver/kidney detox program, MaxiFocus, Astaxanthin, Krill Oil and Blockbuster Serrapeptase.

A: Yes he can take them all the same day.


Q: Hi Robert,

I hope you are well, my son had a kidney stone and we are dealing with that at the moment with phyllanthus, although the doctors want to take it out, we thought we would try this product.

My concern is that I have a cyst in my liver, I wrote to you some time ago and I then had a hemagenoma in the liver and a polyp in the gallbladder, upon another ultrasound they found the cyst, the doctors are not worried about…well its not in their liver, but I was wondering what else I could take for this please?

I am using electro therapy, (rife frequency) plus all my supplements, someone recommended SAMe what do you think …..

Thank you as always for your help


A: Katherine,

It is critical you use Serranol.

Also SAM-e Plus+ is a help for protection.

Drinking 6-8 x 500ml glasses of water with a 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass over the day. (For both you and your son).

Stop all starchy carbs and high sugar food. (both you and your son). Vegetables only. Soup, salads, raw with avocado or greek dips etc.

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients—-4-super-nutrients

Really Healthy Foods

1st Line Immune Kit



Q: Hi,

I have been trying to ask a question through your ask question on your site, but it just won’t go through…I am looking for an answer on serrapeptase & the liver….I already have cirrhosis of the liver…I asked my doc about serrapeptase and he said he never heard of it….He told me the more stuff I take the harder the liver needs to work to get rid of it….Is it possible serrapeptase can digest the scar tissue in the liver from the cirrhosis? Also, serrapeptase will not cause any further damage to the liver from taking it? Please let me know as I really want to give this a try….Thanks…


A: Serrapeptase is great for the liver and here is a link to my full liver recovery protocol guranteed to clear it within 30-60 days:

Liver Health Plan


Q: Dear Robert:

I am working with a client who has cirrhosis of the liver and your product has been recommended to me as one that could be very helpful. The problem is, this gentleman also has low platelet count and I am concerned that the serrapeptase will exacerbate the potential for bruising or bleeding by reducing platelet aggregation. I contacted Good Health Naturally for more information and they referred me to you. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.


A: It only helps the blood to become healthy by stopping the inflammation. It does not create an unhealthy effect.

I also recommend Curcuminx4000 for liver as well as stopping ALL starchy carbs (wheat, sugar and potato products)

Only including Quinoa and brown rice in the mainly vegetable and dark skinned fruit diet. Include two avocados per day for the glutathione.


Q: Hello Mr. Redfern,

I hope and pray you are doing well. I would like to take a little of your time if it is possible to ask you a question knowing you have been helping people for a long time. Someone called me today asking what we could do for a 70 yr. old woman that has recently been diagnosed with leukemia and has Cirrhosis of the Liver. She has never been a drinker but my understanding is that she was taking blood pressure medications. And now the doctors have given up on her…can you advise anything? I know you are very knowledgeable and that with prayer and with supplements I would like to help her. Can you please advise? Thank you very much in advance and may the God of creation bless you, always you and your family.


A: 1.Curcuminx4000

2. Water with 1/2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate x 8 times

3. Only eat blended fresh green vegetables and wheat grass.

4. Hemp oil

5. 3 – 1/2 teaspoons of Sea Salt or Rock salt daily

6. Digestive Enzymes 3-4 times per day.

This should work within 30 days.


Q: Hello Robert,

I recently found out that I have a hepatic hemagioma that is a fair size. My mother has a very large one on her liver and discovered it around the same age as I did (49). My sister also has one but hers is very small. I’ve read some things that have said the tumors could be hormone related (estrogen dominance, etc.). Having grown up watching my mother struggle with this and nothing stopping it from growing, I am apprehensive about what steps to take. Do you think serrapeptase could help with this?


A: Hepatic hemangiomas are present in as many as 7% of healthy people. Hemangiomas are four to six times more common in women than in men. Female hormones may promote the formation and growth of hemangiomas. Hemangiomas, although referred to as tumors, are not malignant and do not become cancerous. Hemangiomas are not unique to the liver and can occur almost anywhere in the body.

I recommend my full liver recovery protocol to clear them. Two things that I believe are critical for hormone balance are Nascent Iodine Drops ( and stopping all starchy carbs and high sugar foods, please see attached.


Here is the Liver Health Plan.