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A New Year brings many promises of good health – yet the road to wellness isn’t always easy. Various challenges can be presented along your journey and it can be all too easy to give in to old unhealthy habits.

Being aware of your habits and lifestyle choices is essential to living healthy, so you know how to monitor them and change them accordingly.

Serrapeptase can manage your symptoms, making it an effective way of improving your health condition and is even more amazingly effective when followed as part of a healthy lifestyle for best results.

1. Clears Inflammation


Serrapeptase has the potential to clear out underlying inflammation in the body that may be causing your health condition in the first place. Inflammation is the immune system’s protective response against harm and it can manifest in various ways.

By safely and efficiently clearing out the inflammation, the body can naturally begin its healing process. Inflammation can take many forms – yet Serrapeptase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme that can clear inflammation in various health conditions – sometimes in as little as a few days or weeks, depending on the individual’s circumstances.


2. Reduces and Removes Scarring

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Internal scarring is a side effect of dead inflammation within the body. Scar tissue is the result and over time it can build up, causing pain in the joints, muscles, tendons and soft tissues.

Sometimes scar tissue can form after a surgical operation and this results in neuroma formation at the end of a damaged skin nerve. Scar tissue in the lungs can also build up and even make breathing difficult, causing a wide variety of lung health conditions and one in particular known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis – a condition of scarring on the lungs.

Serrapeptase’s powerful clearing effect can help to remove scar tissue from the body once and for all.


3. Supports The Body’s Natural Healing Process

Natural healing is good health

Once the inflammation and dead scar tissue is removed, it’s possible for the body to naturally begin healing itself.

Serrapeptase is the tool that creates the clearing action – but the body naturally knows how to heal itself. Think of a wound – when you cut yourself, the body’s self-healing mechanisms come into play to begin the repair process.

It’s only when an obstruction occurs such as with dead scar tissue or inflammation that blockages occur and normal functions of the body become difficult. This is why when the organs are clear, they can resume their proper function.


4. Easier Breathing

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Many lung conditions can benefit a great deal from Serrapeptase. Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Coughs, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Tuberculosis can all improve from taking the Serrapeptase enzyme, as part of a dedicated healthy lifestyle.

Serrapeptase is quite amazing in that it provides a safe, natural and non-invasive method of improving lung health. This simple enzyme can clear out lung inflammation, mucus and dead or scarred tissue – improving lung function and allowing you to breathe easy once again.


5. Better Circulation

Blood circulation

When inflammation is removed, blood flows better in the body and as circulation improves, so does your general health condition. This is thanks to the increased uptake of nutrients carried in the red oxygen cells transported around the bloodstream.

Improving your circulation means that a rich supply of nutrients are delivered to the cells, thereby supporting good health. Blood clots are less likely to occur and there is a decreased risk of cardiovascular problems; CVD, DVT, diseased heart valves, heart failure. There is also a decreased risk of problems such as heart disease and heart failure amongst other problems.


6. Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relif

One of the major warning signs of inflammation in the body is pain. If you are experiencing significant pain in a specific area of the body, including the muscles or joints then you will know how debilitating this can feel on a daily basis.

When you are in pain, you lose your focus and your excitement for life can wane as your energy becomes focused on feeling better and simply getting through the day.

Serrapeptase naturally relieves pain when it removes the inflammation in the body. The inflammation – usually in the form of pain or swelling is a warning sign that needs your attention. Once the inflammation goes, many people start to experience pain relief.

People who experience migraines, back pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, MS, neck pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, morton’s neuroma and rheumatoid arthritis amongst other pain problems have all found that taking Serrapeptase provided significant relief for their symptoms.


7. Reduced Swelling

Swelling From an Injury

Swollen red skin is one of the main symptoms of a flare-up or inflammation. It can cause redness and bruising, as the swollen parts of the body become inflamed to protect the organs, muscles or tissues from injury.

Serrapeptase can reduce any signs of swelling or redness, providing natural relief. This makes Serrapeptase an ideal natural solution for treating sprains, bruising, swollen ankles etc.


8. Improved Vision and Hearing

Good Vision

A side effect of taking Serrapeptase is that it may support the body’s natural healing process and in doing so, promote optimal functioning of the body’s organs. This may include better vision and hearing, due to improved blood flow delivering more nutrients to these areas. Taking Serrapeptase alongside a carotenoid rich (containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin) formula may do wonders for supporting good eye health.


The Enzyme That Supports Your Good Health Goals

These eight reasons provide the foundation of why Serrapeptase is so amazing at supporting you back into a state of good health. No matter what your health condition, Serrapeptase provides a safe, simple and all-natural solution.

Don’t just take our word for it – read Robert Redfern’s book ‘The Miracle Enzyme is Serrapeptase’ and check out for yourself the over 160+ health conditions that can benefit from taking this simple enzyme.

After that, read the many testimonial –  just some out of the thousands of satisfied readers who have improved their good health by following the dedicated plan – and sticking to it for best results.


Recommended Reading

SerrapeptaseDiscover this enzyme’s many amazing health benefits in ‘The Miracle Enzyme is Serrapeptase’ book by distinguished health expert and nutritionalist Robert Redfern. In addition, this remarkable book also contains detailed plans for over 240 health conditions.

Recommended Examples

SerraEnzyme™ 80,000IUSerraEnzyme is Serrapeptase – Contains 80,000IU of the Serrapeptase enzyme and available in delayed release capsules or enteric coated tablets. Serrapeptase helps dissolve inflammation and support the body’s natural healing process.
SerraEnzyme™ 250,000IUSerraEnzyme 250000IU – This is a high strength formula containing 250,000IU of Serrapeptase. Thus, it helps in providing fast relief from inflammation and the symptoms of pain that can result in various health conditions.
Serranol™Seranol – This is a combination formula of 80,000IU Serrapeptase, Ecklonia Cava, CurcuminX4000™ and Vitamin D3. These core nutrients, combined together, can provide a super supplement that studies show targets dozens of health and age-related issues.
SerraPlus+™SerraPlus – This is a high dosage formula of 80,000IU delayed release Serrapeptase. In addition, it also has MSM and trace minerals. This is ideal for supporting normal lung, joint, tendon and connective tissue health.
SerraPet™Serrapet - Serrapeptase for animal – Contains 80,000IU of Serrapeptase that can support the normal bodily processes of your pet or animal’s health. SerraPet contains Nutrateric Enteric Coated tablets for optimum performance and powerful anti-inflammatory action.

*Please note that this is solely informational and educational about health and not intended as medical advice.