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Morton’s Neuroma Cured

After suffering with this condition and getting no relief from painful steroid injections, I was advised surgery was the only option. My foot was so painful I could barely put any weight on it, to the extent I thought some bone must have been broken.

I did some research and found Serrapeptase and after asking Robert’s advice, I embarked on his recommended course of treatment whilst awaiting my ultrasound appointment prior to surgery.

I was utterly amazed to find that after only a few weeks my pain had subsided and I could walk easily. By the time of my ultrasound appointment 12 weeks later, I was completely cured of the condition. It is most definitely worth trying and I now turn to Serrapeptase for any other inflammatory condition experienced by myself or my family.

Serrapeptase should definitely be acknowledged by the NHS and available on prescription. Only down side was the fact it had to be taken on an empty stomach 3 times a day but the result was more than worth juggling a few mealtimes.