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Improvements In Blood Pressure and Vision For Graves Disease Sufferer

Serrapeptase has helped me in so many ways! Whilst it has not reduced the swelling of the tissue around my eyes, it certainly has improved my vision.

I just had to find the right dosage for me, and at present it is 80000IU twice a day. I go really well with it without any side effects. Another improvement has been bowel movements being normal again. When one starts on thyroid medication, constipation is often a real problem, and that has been totally eliminated.

I have read a few complaints from people taking Serrapeptase about diarrhoea, however, I cannot confirm that. I also sleep better, and cramps in my ankles have gone. However, the most amazing improvement has been with my heart function. Racing heart rate and palpitations have been a great concern for the past 9 months and medication did not seem to make it better. So instead of taking statins, I am taking Serrapeptase, and I am totally thrilled to say that “my heart is happy”!!!

My pulse has gone from 100bpm to 84bpm, and my blood pressure is now totally normal. I find it hard to believe that some people say it increased their blood pressure! So please feel free to use my comments as a testimonial on your website; I could not be happier!