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Cat’s Mobility Has Improved

I just wanted to say how fabulous this product has been for our cat. Clipsee is a deaf 16 year old cat. Over the past year or so she’s really slowed down, sleeping so deeply sometimes we wonder if she’d died, becoming very stiff in her hindquarters to the extent that her tail had lost it’s vocabulary and she was obviously in discomfort. Then a month ago she became incontinent.

The vet wasn’t any help, saying that it was a loosening of the closure of the bladder due to old age. It was a few days later that I was placing an order for curcumin, and I decided to order serrapeptase for Clipsee. Wow, what a difference, within a week she was more mobile and alert but still leaking. A month on and she’s regained the vocabulary in her tail, she’s much much more mobile, out and about all the time, and the leakage has stopped.

She’s still deaf as a post, but who knows, maybe she’ll regain some hearing as well, here’s hoping. I’m just thrilled at how much happier she is and how much more life there is to her, it really is as if time has rolled back.