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An estimated 3 million people in Britain alone are thought to have a condition known as Chronic Daily Headache (CDH). Its victims are mostly women, who are more than two times as likely to suffer from this than men.

Sufferers claim that these headaches often start as tension headaches as a constant dull thud, that many explain as being stress related. But the headaches can stay for months and don’t appear to disappear, often lasting for hours at a time for months on end. This is when the problems can occur and many turn to doctors and therapists in the hopes of finding relief for their painful conditions.

These types of headaches can be severely debilitating and neurologists are only just beginning to learn more about them, as they can be difficult to determine and the exact triggers can be hard to define. Dr Nazeli Manukyan, a specialist at The National Migraine Centre in London suggests that in “70 to 80 per cent of cases there is a genetic link” and it’s thought that the precise cause is due to a pain-processing error in the brain.

The main sufferers of CDH are women aged 20 to 50, suggesting there is a strong hormonal link related to the reproductive years. Puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and the menopause can all play a significant role in triggering headaches and many doctors or specialists may suggest the use of artificial hormones to counteract these effects. This may include having a Mirena coil fitted, containing artificial progesterone to make periods lighter or to even out any hormonal imbalances.

A safer and more natural alternative however is to look at the lifestyle factors involved that may be causing the headaches in the first place. Supplements such as Krill Oil or Hemp Seed Oil may help with PMS, while a proteolytic enzyme known as Serrapeptase can provide powerful pain relief for numerous health conditions – including many women’s problems such as PMS, along with providing almost immediate relief for chronic headaches.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme derived from the silkworm but now manufactured in a laboratory. It is designed to dissolve and digest inflammation within the body, causing it to easily break down. Inflammation is the cause of much pain in the body and a headache is often just a sign that something is missing nutritionally.

For best results, it’s recommended to take SerraEnzyme 250,000IU to find relief for chronic headaches. The suggested dosage is 1 capsule, 4 times daily. When combined with the HealthPoint™ device, it’s possible to find instantaneous relief for chronic headaches, especially when you follow a naturally healthy lifestyle that includes health giving foods, drinking plenty of water and taking appropriate exercise.

Have you suffered with chronic headaches before and did serrapeptase help to provide relief? Let us know, we love to hear your stories!

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  1. Michele

    December 21, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Hello, Robert.
    I Love your Website and regularly take Serraptase for inflammation.
    From RA Well controlled.
    I’ve taken this for years, but at times I don’t know if I’m taking the right dose of 3 X3 times a day every day.
    Sometimes I don’t notice any difference.
    I’m only on 2 mgs of Prednisone and don’t want to go up as it’s so hard to come down 1mg.
    And Kind Regards,
    I also have IBS D.
    And Anxiety.

    • lindsayp

      December 22, 2015 at 9:57 am

      Hi Michele,
      Please contact the Good Health Coaching Centres for advice on serrapepatase dosages, suitable for your individual needs. You can also contact the Good Health Coaching Centres for complimentary health coaching and advice, to include dietary, lifestyle and well as supplement recommendations.
      Please contact them at http://www.MyGoodHealthClub.com, phone (UK)0800 802 1127 (US)1-844-344-2262, or email our Health Coaching Administrator direct at admin@MyGoodHealthClub.com.
      Best of Health
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

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