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Compare Serrapeptase

Compare Serrapeptase

Important warning: There is a smear campaign by certain manufacturers who have jumped onto the serrapeptase bandwagon and to save the high cost of enteric coating are saying that the phthalates are used in enteric coating and is the toxic the toxic type in plastics. Please be assured that this has been used on serrapeptase for over 30-years and is a totally safe type. Silver is a highly toxic element yet in its hydrosol form is healthy. This applies to the phthalates in enteric coating which is totally safe. These manufacturers claim that their capsules make it through the stomach yet none of them have produced any video evidence to back up their claims. Until then, enteric coating has 30 years of proof.

Please note there are no Phthalates used in any SerraEnzyme formulations.

Serrapeptase Cost Comparison of Brands per 80,000iu activity dose (see explanation below) Price comparison per dose is the only measure of value as activity is confusing.
Please note that I have used approximate retail prices for comparison and all the various suppliers will have special offers. Special offers will generally be matched by each supplier, but this will not change the comparison table below to a great extent.



Retail (approx) Prices Cost per
Available 80,000iu
Additional Beneficial Ingredients
5 Star
SerraEnzyme 250,000IU
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
SerraEnzyme 80,000IU
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Solaray 10,000IU
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Source Naturals Serrapeptase 10,000IU
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Physician’s Formula Serrapeptase
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Smart Nutrition 10,000IU
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Enerex 120,000U
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Arthur Andrews Medical Serrétia™ 125,000SPU (warning* the Bottle states 250,000 for 2 caps)
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

To clear the confusion regarding milligram (mg) contents my recommendation is that it is better to ignore them completely and just look at the International Agreed Units of Activity (IU Activity). You may see U or you may see SU. These are not IU but as long as they are manufactured correctly to General Manufacturing Practice (GMP) they are no less potent than IU. IU has been used for Serrapeptase for over 35 years. U, SPU and SU are a new measure and may confuse buyers much like the phone companies do with their price plans.
Errors and Omissions excepted.

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32 Responses to Compare Serrapeptase

  • Hi Robert,
    My partner has Angina.I would like to know which of your serrapeptase product you would recommend for him. I was looking at the ingredients of Blockbuster all clear and was surprised it has calcium as I was under the impression that calcium contributed to arterial plaque.
    Thank you,

  • Hallo Robert,m

    I have fibroid tumor and I winder which type of serrapaeptase would be the best for me, in which doses and for how long. Thanks!

  • I have had two neuroma surgeries. I have been researching your products. I also suffer anxiety from the pain. Been on many meds but no cure

  • Hi there,
    I was told by my GP a couple of years ago that my blood pressure was at ‘The high end of normal’, so I was put onto a medication which caused some side effects, so I came off it of my own accord. I feel that I lead a healthy lifestyle, and am looking for a non-pharmaceutical option to control and maintain the BP….. would any variant of the Serrapeptase product be of assistance in this regard?

  • I am on steroid inhalers for mild asthma. I’m down to one puff a day, but my lung output is only 50% normal I’m told due to scar tissue etc. Which product would help me most? I also have nasal polyps for which I’m prescribe a steroid spray.

    • Hi Robin,
      For best result, take advantage of our regular and complimentary coaching on this in order to help you follow a specific plan of action that we can monitor to ensure your success. Please contact us using any of the below methods to get set up asap to do this so that we can help you on a 1-2-1 regular basis. It is completely free, so nothing to lose.
      In the meantime please see our lung health plan to give you an idea of what you need to take and dosages:
      To take advantage of this global free support, please just submit your no-obligatory interest at, phone: (UK) 0800 802 1127 FREE (US) 1-844-334-2262 or text our coaching mobile number: (UK) 07482 568066 with your information, or email with your details. Skype text ID: GoodHealthCoaching.
      Best of Health
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

  • Hi Robert,

    I have a benign nodule on the right side of my thyroid. I have been taking 12 Syntol capsules a day. Do you know anything about Syntol or is there another product you would recommend to help break down the hardened tissue? Can you please give me the dosage and for how long?

    I eat really well and am not overweight.

  • I have mutliple problems. I suffer every month with pain on left side with menstration. I had surgery and my left fallopian tube was removed because I had bacteria infection that wouldn’t go away on left side. I then 8 years later had another surgery to removed a huge fibroid tumor and scare tissue on left side. I was told recently that pain i have may be endometriosis but nothing could be seen with all the scare tissue i have. I was also diagnosed with andenomyosis and the doctor thinks my pain is scare tissue on colon which is why I am always constipated. All I know is that I am congested and had surgeries that I have left me worse off. I had hep C and went through medication 10 years ago so that problem is gone. i would like to do a fully body detox of all these medications and to heal my body of pain and have is work properly.Help.

    • Hi Lisa, so that we can help you more individually, please register a callback with one of our health coaches at the Good Health Coaching Centres. We can then get you set up on a personalised plan to help you recover from your multiple symptoms. Starting with a detox plan, we can then move on to prioritise your goals and tailor the advice accordingly. The health coaching is completely free, so nothing to lose. Just register for a call back at and one of our health coaches will contact you shortly.
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

  • I am currently on Nattokinase, 2000FU, 2/day for a blood thinner. What product would you suggest
    to switch to in the Serrapeptase world to replace it and what would be a proper daily dose.? Could I
    stop Nattokinase one day and start the new the next day? Thanks..Ron

    • Hi Ronald, I would recommend the Blockbuster Allclear to you, as it contains Serrapeptase and Nattokinase plus many other nutrients to support cardiovascular health. Start on 2 capsules 3 x per day, then reduce to 1 x 3 after a month or so. For a full health plan to support cardiovascular health, please contact us at the Good Health Coaching Centres where we can help you further.
      Good Health Coaching Centres, phone + 44 (0)7482 568066 (UK Mobile), Tel: +44 (0)800 8021127 FREE (UK + Europe), Tel: +1 (844) 3342262 (US)
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

  • i am completely confused by how many iu’s are suitable for my husband who has arthritis in his neck and shoulder. He has difficulty turning his head from side to side. he also has an enlarged prostate that does not give him problems and a small amount of cancer in his prostate. He is not taking any drugs other than Qvar 50 for nasal problems. He is taking curanim and krill oil and lycopene and ground flax seeds.

    He never complains, but I know the pain in his neck must be awful. I believe Dr. Nieper mentioned 30.000 apsules 3 times a day Would this be suitable for him?

    thankyou very much in advance for your answer. Sue.

  • Hi,

    I have one artery that is 90% occluded awaiting a stent and another that has been bypassed that is 100% blocked.

    What kind of dosage in SIU’s should I be taking, how many times per day … I am active, 5’10” ~160 (lost ~40 lbs after a cardiac arrest and a major diet adjust) but have seen little improvement in the blockages.

    Calf cramping was the precursor for years on my CA and is happening again …

    what is the dosage?
    time frame for results?
    what about the 100% blockage, will that dissolve?


  • I have tried all 10 products above and I received excellent benefits from all of them. They are all very high quality, so my goal now is to buy the most cost effective product. I’m a little confused on the comparative pricing above. I recently purchased a 30 capsule of serretia for $22.99 from the manufacturer. That would make the product .49 per 80,000 iu, not $1.50. Is your price better? I am unable to replicate your math for any of the products. This was my formula.

    Retail price / ((capsule strength x total capsules) / 80,000)

  • Hello, I was told that serrapeptase would help with my Morgellons and Lyme Disease. Do you have recommendations for these conditions?

  • Hi
    I am a 58 female in good health except for knee pain when I am climbing up steps. I can walk easily except
    my knee are painful and I can feel that they are weak and I cannot lift myself up the stairs.

    Please recommend which product to take. Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle, take Serranol 2 caps x 3 per day. Take for an initial 4-8 week period, with a full review of progress after 3 months. You can then consider reducing the dose accordingly.
      For a full discussion, to get you back on track please register a callback with one of our health coaches at
      Tel 0800 0837608 UK / 185-556-42156 US
      I hope that helps
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

  • Dear Sir,

    Is serrapeptase can dis appear lung scarring which had because of PTB? and what should be the dosage and for how long?

  • Hi,
    I have found 2 products of Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase like 1. 40,000 Serratiopeptidase vegie caps and 2. 270 veggie caps( Helps breakdown unwanted Proteins)
    Please tell me which one should buy for lung scarring problem?

    • Hi Jais, we only recommend the SerraEnzyme from Good Health Naturally, as this is the original and the best serrapetpase product on the market. We can only guarantee the potency and purity of our own product.
      You can purchase the SerraEnzyme from
      I hope that helps
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

  • What would you recommend for Spinal Stenosis?

    • Hi Carol, the anti-inflammatory benefits of serrapeptase and curcumin can be useful in helping to alleviate some of the symptoms of spinal stenosis.
      Plus follow an anti-inflammatory diet, free from sugars and starchy carbs, and include oily fish such as salmon and herring to ensure a good intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
      In terms of supplements we would recommend:
      SerraEnzyme 80,000iu or to achieve a higher dose you can use the Maximum Strength 250,000iu
      The Krill Miracle
      I hope that helps but please contact us at the Good Health Coaching Centres should you wish to have further guidance. You can register a callback with the health coaches at
      Your Good Health Coaching Team

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