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Relief For Neck Pain

“To whom it may concern,

WOW, I don’t know where to start , but to say thank you for this amazing product. For 2 entire years I have had the most awful neck pain. No pain killer, prescribed or over the counter made the pain any less bearable. Over 2 years the pain has got worse to the stage where I could not turn my neck or look up. One day it was so bad I was no longer able to walk without the pain caused by taking a step forward jolting through my body.

Eventually I had an MRI scan that showed 3 degenerative discs in my neck. I was informed that there was no solution to this except pain killers (which had not worked) and diazepam to help sleep at night. That I was devastated…Checking my emails one day I came across one from your company. I read all the information on your website and decided to give SerraEnzyme a go. Only FOUR days later and the pain has gone.

This is a miracle to me…I truly cannot express how much of a relief it is to live without pain after so long. I can turn my neck once again and I can look up, although not right up to the sky…but who cares! I can walk my dog again, and drive…I could go on and on…but one thing is for sure…I have my life back.

I have been telling everyone I meet plus friends and family about this product. Many have ordered the tablets and are now getting pain relief themselves.

Once again, an absolute HUGE and emotional thank you from me.”