What is Testicular Cancer? Causes, FAQs, Testimonials

What Is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is an unusual condition. In out of all the cancers, it affects younger men overall. It is the most common cancer in 20- to 35-year-old men.

There are different types of testicular cancer, including seminomas and non-seminomas. These respond well to chemotherapy.  Leydig Cell Tumours and Sertoli Cell Tumours are less common types of the cancer.

Testicular cancer has four stages, ranging from 0 to III. The latter is the most advanced.

What Are The Symptoms and Causes of Testicular Cancer?

The causes are unknown but they include family history of testicular cancer. In addition, being born with undescended testicles (cryptorchidism), congenital abnormalities (e.g. kidney, penile abnormalities) and being white are also possible causes.

Testicular cancer usually first gets detected by the patient finding a lump or swelling in a testicle. Other symptoms include testicular pain or discomfort; enlargement; abdominal pain, back or groin pain; or a fluid in the scrotum.

Testicular Cancer FAQs

Q: “I have testicular cancer.  Can you provide me with a possible solution that can help?”

– John, Bury

A: I recommend following the Testicular Health Plan. It involves 1st Line Kit, Serranol, Curcuminx4000 and Essential Digestive Plus to get you started. In addition, the plan must be followed consistently with a naturally healthy lifestyle for best results.



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