What is Hay Fever and What Causes it?

What Is Hay Fever?

Hay fever gets triggered by an allergy to pollen or sometimes mold spores. It happens because the body’s immune system reacts inappropriately to the presence of external substances. The body treats these substances as if they were something toxic. The result is irritation and inflammation.

The symptoms of hay fever usually run in families, and it is related to eczema and asthma. It’s usually common to find members in a family who have asthma, hay fever, eczema, or even more than one of these conditions.

Symptoms vary but usually include a runny/blocked nose. In addition, there is sneezing and red, itchy, or even watery eyes, along with an itchy throat. This is usually accompanied by a wheezy chest, which could refer to a degree of asthma. The peak time for pollen is during the early summer as school and University exams take place. This can make it difficult for sufferers to revise and to do well on their examinations.


What Causes Hay Fever?

So-called experts erroneously say that pollen causes hay fever. Of course, they actually mean that a dysfunctional immune system causes it and only triggered by the pollens. The time that you are affected depends on the pollen to which you are allergic. Other factors which can aggravate the situation are weather and air quality.

Invariably, it is the result of intolerance to foods such as wheat and dairy products. A bowel dysfunction such as constipation (not passing stools 2-3 times per day) will contribute. Not drinking enough water, 8 glasses per day (as opposed to tea, coffee, and soft drinks), will also have effects. Poor diet is absolutely a contributing factor. Low friendly flora in the digestive tract is also responsible. This leads to a buildup of unhealthy tissue, causing allergic responses.

Traditional Drugs Are Not Helpful

The traditional drug route of antihistamines, and even sometimes steroids, is not satisfactory. It does not deal with the cause, and these drugs have side effects. Recently in the UK, a hay fever medicine was withdrawn because of the ‘unacceptable’ high number of deaths! This indicates there is an acceptable level of deaths—crazy, or what?!

Serrapeptase 80,000IU helps immensely, as it clears out all of the inflammation and any mucus. By clearing away this problem tissue, it settles the body’s own immune system and stops the cycle.

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