Common Antibiotics Found To Contribute to Brain Disorders

admin-ajaxAntibiotics cause a resistance to helpful gut bacteria. This is one of the main reasons why they should be avoided. One of the side effects of antibiotics is delirium and brain disorders, according to various scientific data analysed by researchers. They noted that in the elderly, the delirium was particularly serious with higher rate of complications.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital observed case studies of 391 patients. This group of people developed delirium and other brain problems. They found that these patients also took antibiotics prescribed by the doctors.

This problem was widespread in over 54 kinds of antibiotics from 12 different classes involved. Nearly half or 47% had hallucinations or delusions while 15% showed muscle twitching. Another 5% lost some degree of control over their movements. The researchers also found that 70% of the cases with abnormal EEG (electroencephalogram) tests. Once these people stopped taking antibiotics, the brain disorder symptoms also seemed to stop.

Medications can be the cause of serious complications. This is especially true in older people. The condition can cause mental confusion, hallucinations and feelings of agitation. Patients who experienced delirium had more chances to go from one hospital to a care center. In addition, death rate also increased for these patients.

The link between antibiotic use and the occurrence of brain disorders  is just one of possible side effects. For the elderly, this risk may be magnified due to weakened immune system. Additionally, they may also experience mineral deficiency, fatigue and nutrient loss.

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Common Antibiotics Found To Contribute to Brain Disorders |

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