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Candida FAQs

Candida FAQs | www.serrapeptase.info

Q: I have candida and it’s causing me numerous health problems. Can you recommend me any products in particular to help relieve my problems?

A: Follow my Candida Health Plan. Protease is a product I highly recommend as it can help to relieve the infection. In addition, SerraEnzyme 250,000IU can boost its effectiveness by reducing and finally dissolving any inflammation in the body. GlycoBoost can also support the growth of healthy gut bacteria, promoting healing from within the digestive tract.


Q: What are some of the symptoms?

A: There are many symptoms of Candida. These include headaches, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, brain fog, eye pain, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhoea. Others conditions include eczema, fungal infections of the nails and skin, mucus in the throat, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, and asthma. Recurring yeast infections, UTIs, cystitis, PMS and menstrual irregularities, fungal rash are also in the list. Some people also find it difficult to lose weight, that they retain water or even experience significant weight loss. Ringing in the ears and eye infections are also common.


Q: Can Candida be Cured?

A: While candida is not entirely curable, bringing the body back into a healthy balance can vastly improve or eliminate all symptoms. Candida can be re-occurring because it lurks in the tissues and can become immune to antibiotics.

Consider fostering an anti-fungal environment. This includes following a really healthy diet and lifestyle, alongside taking a probiotic supplement. In addition, protease enzymes can provide aid in relieving infections. For best results, follow the health advice in the ‘Improving Candida in 30 Days’ ebook by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications. Inside this book is a detailed health plan that anyone with Candida should follow, along with nutrient and product suggestions to improve the symptoms of Candida in the long term.



Candida FAQs | www.serrapeptase.info


  1. Yvonne

    July 23, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I decided to start a course of serrapeptase but I’m really not sure what I should be doing or taking to be honest.

    I am 45 this year has been a year of total exhaustion and very little broken sleep. I used to get a full nights sleep but never felt rested in the mornings for as far back as I remember.

    I have eczema from I was 6 months old (which I finally have under control and am steroid free for s number of years) , I got sinus when I was about 14, and hay fever about 2 years later, on the night of my 17th birthday I broke a windscreen of a car with my head as I was facing to the right my left side took the force of the blow I went out as far as my chest and bounced back as the car then went backwards I had a few cuts nothing major but have had a lot of bone movement over the years I now have a slight prolapse on the left side my teeth all crowded in on each other and have a lot of face neck and shoulder tension, tmj missing cartilage between two bones in my neck on the left, curving of the larnex to the right and forward. 19 years ago I started getting panic attacks , 18 years ago I suddenly started getting kidney infections one after another i had a kidney operation 17 years ago the right utera was blocked and the kidney was dilated luckily I didn’t loose my kidney. About a year later I had a sinus operation at some stage I don’t know when I started to become violently ill if I alcohol it didn’t matter if I had 4 or I let loose I would spend the next day projectile vomiting for hours after every mouthful of water, it took days to get over it eventually I barely had any alcohol for years. 12 years ago I discovered I had fibroids I opted for embolisation which didn’t work (I now call it the experiment) a year later I had them surgically removed, (just before this my panic attacks were out of control I was barely functioning) my periods had been regular for a number of years and oddly when the panic attacks were getting worse, I felt great and also confident for about 2 days before and 2 days into my periods the worse they were the better I felt, they started playing up after the embolisation and about a year or two after the surgery they stopped altogether, and I haven’t had one since. My Gp dismissed the idea I may be menopausal until recently menopausal I’m practically finished it. I can see the effects of it now in my skin hair and my body shape is changing but probably the worst thing is how dry the back of my nose is, I feel my sinus are the same. I no longer produce anything from my nose unless I have a flu or have been around to much dust otherwise it just goes down the back of my neck even when I know there is something there I can’t get it out of my nose, and my ears are also very dry I don’t produce much there either any more.

    I am not on my medication for anything of my own accord I do take super greens, magnesium & calcium, I don’t feel any benefit from the super greens but take them as there good for you. About 4 years ago On my own account I did a good detox, took a course of glutamine and took a long course of probiotics I can finally go to a function and know that although I won’t feel great I won’t have to spend the day after looking down the loo.

    I have the panic attacks under control finally, (I might have a little off Day but nothing major and there few and far between) I think now that some of the panic was actually hormone related I was obviously menopausal for a while and the fact that my good days were centred around my periods.

    Finally I think at this stage I have weakened my bladder from the kidney infections. The panic attacks and now my stage in life.

    I really look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards


    • robert

      July 25, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Dear Yvonne,
      I strong believe from your description you still have a problem with autoimmune dysfunction. Read my free book Improving Autoimmune disease by downloading here http://naturallyhealthynews.com/product-category/free-ebooks/page/2/
      Also read my articles on my web site there and come back to me with your questions.
      Take care
      Robert Redfern

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Cándida Preguntas Frecuentes

Candida FAQs | www.serrapeptase.info

P: Tengo Cándida y me está causando numerosos problemas de salud. ¿Me puedes recomendar algún producto en particular para ayudar a aliviar mis problemas?


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