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Bronchitis Testimonials


“I have suffered with acute bronchitis for years. I felt certain that I was going to have it forever and the symptoms were so painful. Now I can see that serrapeptase was the answer all along. Since taking it the inflammation is easing and I’m no longer feeling so much mucous in my throat. The coughing is clearing and finally I feel like I can breathe easy!”

– Janet, Cheshire



“The serrapeptase has done wonders for my bronchitis and I want to say a big thank you for your help in discussing what product is best for my health condition.”

– Katie, Spain



“Breathing is easy again and I am coughing up less and less mucous which can only be a good thing. All of these amazing benefits can be put down to the serrapeptase you recommended. Thank you!”

– Tabitha, USA

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