Asbestosis and Other Dust Conditions Health Plan

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The plan intends to help your lungs in resolving the immune problems, clearing the inflammation, the scarring and dead tissue. By adding important nutrients such as Vitamin D3 the recovery should be apparent within 30 days.

Your 4-8 Week Plan, From My eBook, by Robert Redfern

Supplements to support lung health – in order of priority:

    1. Serranol -SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase, Curcuminx4000, Ecklonia Cava (Seanol) and Vitamin D3. Take 2 capsules x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal with water, and reduce to 1 x 3 after a good relief.
    2. Nascent Iodine Drops – Iodine is essential for a completely healthy body. Take 5 drops x 3 times per day in 20ml of water, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Build over 2 weeks to 15 x 3 until well and then slowly reduce back to 5 x 4. Take 1st dose on waking, 2nd midmorning and 3rd midafternoon. Note that Iodine needs a supplement containing Selenium to activate it, such as ActiveLife, D.I.P. Daily Immune Protection or B4 Health Spray.
    3. Magnesium Oil Spray ULTRA with OptiMSM® – Increases absorption of magnesium and reduces pain. Apply liberally onto skin such as chest, arms and legs muscles to cover a wide area for absorption.

Basic Plan, Click Here

    1. D.I.P Daily Immune Protection – Take 1 capsule, twice daily with food. Protects against infection and maintains a balanced immune system.
    2. Oxysorb – Promotes oxygen absorption. Take about 20 drops in the mouth for at least 30 seconds and then swallow. Use as needed.

Advanced Plan, Click Here

    1. Prescript Assist – 29 Super Strain Probiotic – This is the next generation clinically proven vegan probiotic supplement. Take 1 capsule x 2 times a day (Can be opened and mixed with food) and then for maintenance at the rate of 1 every 3 days.
    2. Active Life -This delivers a full spectrum of 90 liquid, highly absorbable multivitamins and minerals. Take 15ml x 2 times daily with meals.

Ultimate Plan, Click Here

Other Recommended Products

    1. Ultimate Immune System Support Kit – Suggested Formulation – 1st Line KitThis clears any infection remaining in the cells. Take 1 kit daily for 3 days (total of 3). 1st Line Kit should always be taken at least 90 mins before and after food, approximately. 3 kits are the minimum and in serious conditions 10 kits over 10 days are better if finances allow.
    2. Digestive Enzymes – Suggested Formulation – Essential Digestive Plus -For healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Take 1 capsule as you start your meals, 3 times per day.
    3. Vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols (especially for cystic fibrosis) – Suggested Formulation – ‘Naturally Better Vitamin E’ – Protects healthy fats from oxidising and causing free radical damage. Take 1 capsule, 2 times daily.
    4. Krill Oil – Suggested Formulation – The Krill Miracle – Replaces missing essential nutrients. Take 1 capsule, 2 times per day with food.


  1. Hemp Seed Oil – Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from cold-pressed organic hemp. It can boost the immune system and support a positive mental state. Take 1 teaspoon x 2 times per day.

Your Recovery Food Plan to Maintain ‘perfect Health’ (pH)

We have a food and lifestyle health recovery guide to support the above health plan in the ebook.

Click here to download the Really Healthy Foods plan in the eBook to find out how changing your lifestyle can improve your health condition.


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