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What is it?

Emphysema begins with the destruction of air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs where oxygen from the air is exchanged for carbon dioxide in the blood. The walls of the air sacs are thin and fragile. Damage to the air sacs results in permanent “holes” in the tissues of the lower lungs. As air sacs are destroyed, the lungs are able to transfer less and less oxygen to the bloodstream, causing shortness of breath. The lungs also lose their elasticity. The patient experiences great difficulty exhaling which in itself exacerbates the problem.

What causes it?

Emphysema doesn’t develop suddenly- it comes on very gradually after constant exposure to inflammation. The first indication is shortness of breath during activity or exercise. As the disease progresses, a brief walk can be enough to bring on difficulty in breathing. Some people may have had chronic bronchitis before developing emphysema.

The main cause is chronic inflammation due to a number of possible factors including: overeating of starchy foods, dairy foods, smoking, and breathing polluted air. A deficiency of enzymes and vegetables are a major factor. Infections are more likely in these circumstances

How can Serrapeptase Help?

Serrapeptase helps immensely as it clears out all of the inflammation, mucus and dead/scar tissue. By clearing away this problem tissue it enables the body’s own healing system to replace it with healthy tissue and better lung function as a result.

How many do I take?

Start with 3 tablets of Serrapeptase x 3 times per day on an empty stomach and increase it to 4 x 3 if no relief with 7 days. Then gradually reduce to 1 x 1.

Can I take too many tablets or can it interfere with any drugs I am taking?

No. It has been used for over 25 years with no side effects reported.


“I recommended SerraEnzyme to my neighbour who has emphysema – he’s doing marvellously, the change in him is fantastic” A. R. – Dumfries


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A multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was carried out to investigate the clinical efficacy of Serrapeptase in 174 patients who underwent Caldwell-Luc antrotomy for chronic empyema. Eighty-eight patients received 10 mg SP 3 times the day before surgery, once the night of the operation and 3 times daily for 5 days after surgery; the other 86 received a placebo. The degree of swelling in the Serrapeptase-treated patients was significantly less than that in the placebo-treated patients at every point of observation after surgery up to the 5th day. Maximal buccal swelling throughout all the postoperative points of observation was also significantly smaller in size in the SP group. No side effects were reported. (Tachibana M, Mizukosi 0, Harada Y, Kawamoto K, Nakai Y. Source: Pharmathera-peutica, 3(8):526-30 1984).


What things can I do to help Emphysema?

1. Serrapeptase Enzymes

Take SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase, Curcuminx4000, Ecklonia Cava (Seanol) and Vitamin D3. Recommended Formulation: Serranol. Encourages healthy blood flow and circulation. Take 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with water, and reduce to 1 x 3 after a good relief.


2. Nascent Iodine

Balances the immune system and overall health. Take 4 x 4 drops per day in water. Increase over 2 weeks to 10 x 4 per day until recovered. Then reduce to 4 x 4 for maintenance.


3. Magnesium Oil

Increases absorption of magnesium and reduces pain. Apply liberally onto skin such as arms and legs to cover a wide area for absorption.


4. DIP Daily Protection

Contains Vitamins C, Vitamin D3, ExSelen and Zinc. Promotes a proper, balanced immune system. Take 2 capsules with food.


5. Oxygenating Enzymes – OxySorb

Improves the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Hold 20 drops in the mouth for at least 30 seconds and then swallow. Use as needed. Use with breathing exercises to retrain the proper function of breathing back to diaphragmatic breathing and to less than 10 breaths per minute.


6. Soil-based Probiotic and Prebiotic

Contains a proprietary blend of Leonardite. Maintains a healthy GI tract and supports the gut’s immune system. Recommended Formula: Prescript Assist. Take this at a rate of 4 or even 8 per day, then reduce to 1-2 per day every few days.


7. High strength liquid and mineral formula.

Replaces missing vitamins and minerals, supports the whole body and boosts the immune system. Recommended Formula: ActiveLife 90. Take 15ml x 2 times per day.


A. Ultimate Immune System Support Kit – Suggested Formulation – 1st Line Thiocyanate Kit - This clears any infection remaining in the cells. Take 1 kit daily for 3 days (total of 3).


B. Digestive Enzymes Suggested Formulation Essential Digestive Plus™ - For healthy digestion and absorption. Take 1 capsule as you start your meals, 3 times per day.


C. Vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols (especially for cystic fibrosis) – Suggested Formulation ‘Naturally Better Vitamin E’ - Protects against free radical damage. Take Natural Form Vitamin E as directed.


D. Krill Oil – Suggested Formulation – The Krill Miracle - Replaces missing essential nutrients. Take 1 capsule, 2 times per day with food.


8. Basic Health Plan

Using the Basic Health Plan on page 105 will ensure appropriate nutrients and actions are taken to help the healing process.


9. Exercise

Exercise by walking fast for 60 minutes at least 3 times per week.


10. Water Drinking

Drinking 6 large glasses of water, with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass per day is also critical.


11. Important Points

It is important that patients with Emphysema stop smoking and avoid polluted places as much as possible, such as city centers or factories.

If steroids/antibiotics have been taken for some time, advice is needed for actions to boost your own autoimmune system.

It is important to follow a starch and dairy free diet.




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