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Serrapeptase Helped My Scar Tissue & CurcuminX4000 Improved My Pet’s Health

“I wanted you to know the success I have had with Serrapeptase and CurcuminX4000. I am the woman…who has the breast implants due to cancer surgery. I have had many operations to correct scar tissue around the implant. I heard about Serrapeptase from The Power Hour and Robert Redfern.

My breast is so improved it is now a lot softer and movable! This would have seemed impossible being that I used to call it my “frozen rock”!! Believe me; I did the dance of joy when I first realized your product really did do what it said!! I continue to have progress every week.

My 15 year old dog has benefited from the CurcuminX4000 greatly. He is walking much easier and is definitely back in the game of life. I never would have thought he would be doing this much better, but it is for sure due to the Curcumin. I thank you so much, for these wonderful products and I hope and pray they are available to us all in the future!

With gratitude,”

Date: 9/13/07

- J.C., USA

4 Responses to Serrapeptase Helped My Scar Tissue & CurcuminX4000 Improved My Pet’s Health

  • delores Fischer says:

    August 20, 2014 at 05:49 pm

    has anyone tried the serrapeptase and curcumin for scar tissue in eyes caused by wet macular degeneration

  • Valerie says:

    December 13, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    Hi J.C.

    Which Serrapeptase did you try to soften the scar tissue? I’m having the same problem, I had 3 surgeries already and the scar tissue keeps coming back. Please help.

    Thank you so much!!

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