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Since taking Serrapeptase (my scar) has healed and flattened.

Talking to Mrs Temprell is inspirational. In spite of undergoing very invasive surgery over the past four years she told me:
“You have got to be positive. I am the eldest of six brothers and sisters and it seems I am being ill on behalf of all of them. But at least I know how to do something about it.”
As is often the case, personal experience with illness and the limitations of orthodox medicine led her to research other routes and discover what works for her. Like many others she has chosen to take the ‘complementary ’ path.
It was 2002 when Mrs Temprell was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment involved a mastectomy and later she had another operation to implant prosthesis. Everything began to go wrong after that.
“They had to change it in August 2004 because it was leaking; then they put in one that was too big and when I lay down it was pressing on my throat.”
This was removed in 2005 and a smaller one implanted but that gave her a sense of constriction.
Mrs Temprell was already aware of Serrapeptase. She’d been taking it for the thickening of one of her lungs, caused she believes by increased fluid following the botched prosthesis operations. The Serrapeptase and Nattinokase Formula has also been a great help and she has been on it for six months.
“I became terrible terribly out of breath, I could feel this awful restriction with the slightest exertion,” she says. “But look at me today I’ve been talking to you for a long time and I’m fine.
I can walk too, I am slowly getting there,”
She also found it gave relief from the congested feeling of the third prosthesis. . “It is just magic. I thought I had a little lump but it wasn’t and now I can press it and the congestion has gone.
“I started on my first course last October. I take the capsules religiously, three in the morning and three at night. I’ve got the book and I’ve read it through and through so I know I am using it properly
“I also had a four-inch scar after my operations and it was very raised. Since I’ve been taking Serrapeptase it has healed and flattened. There is about three quarters of an inch left and it is going.

“I’ve got my husband onto Serrapeptase too. He suffers from varicose veins and his legs were always very swollen. If he banged his leg the injury wouldn’t heal, some kind of ulcer I suppose. Every time he went to the doctor he was given a stocking and then water tablets to try to reduce the swelling. Since he’s taken Serrapeptase and the Serrapeptase and Nattinokase Formula he has young man’s legs the colour is still reddish but all the swelling has gone.”

- Mrs J Temprell

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