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Mrs. Veronica Shepherd of Nature Fare

“In our work we’re the onlooker,” she says, “which means we notice the results perhaps more than the people themselves. Take the customer who while he was on holiday in France had a chair collapse and he injured his wrist very badly. When I first saw him the scar was really bad. The best way I can describe it is it looked as if his hand had been sewn back on. I suggested he try Serrapeptase and there has been such an improvement. I can see the difference although he won’t admit to it. Nevertheless he is still taking Serrapeptase.”
Mother of four children Mrs Shepherd was self-conscious about her stretch marks and hadn’t worn a bikini or even a two-piece for years. Like Mr Engel when she started taking Serrapeptase for another condition she was delighted with the unexpected benefit.
“I disliked my varicose veins and had read it would help them,” she says. “It certainly has. But I was even more delighted when I found the stretch marks disappearing. I told myself I could wear what I like now.”
The 80-year-old customer who came into the shop last winter to tell her she had been out in the garden painting amazed Mrs Shepherd. This was a lady who could hardly walk into the shop. She also had trouble with her speech.
“She’d say a few words and then have a little cough. I advised Serrapeptase and this is the result.
“It’s helped my daughter too. While she isn’t asthmatic she was becoming a bit short of breath when she went to the gym. We put it down to the hay fever she suffers in the pollen season. Again Serrapeptase has come to the rescue.”

- Veronica Shepherd

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