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Maureen Langdon’s Experience with Serrapeptase

Writer Jenny Pulling interviews MRS. MAUREEN LANGDON

Maureen Langdon has faced more tragedy than most people could contemplate. She lost three children and two grandchildren to the lung disorder cystic fibrosis. An extremely courageous and positive woman, she has thrown herself into a new life, working as a Reiki practitioner, walking with the Ramblers and lots of ballroom dancing with her new partner Bob.
Serrapeptase has also begun to play a role in her positive search for health ever since another dancer stepped very hard on her foot last New Year’s Eve.
“Bob and I are mad about dancing and we’d decided to spend the holiday at a hotel. I’d already broken a toe some while back and when another dancer stepped on my foot it went black and blue and gave me a lot of pain.
I went on the Internet in search of help and that’s how I discovered serrapeptase. I spent the next two hours reading all the findings to Bob. We decided I should try serrapeptase but I certainly didn’t expect the rapid results.
I took my first capsules on the Sunday deciding to take the optimum dose of 3×3 and on the Monday evening when I was at my Reiki group someone asked me how my foot was. I took off my sock and was amazed. The bruising had practically gone. It was amazing.”
There were other bonuses as Maureen soon discovered.
“I’d always suffered from blocked sinuses. But a few days after taking serrapeptase I found they’d cleared wonderfully. This is a real bonus as Bob and I both work with people and its’ easy to pick up colds, now I know how to keep blocked sinuses at bay.”
And that’s not all.
“We’re pretty manic once we get on that dance floor, dancing really fast, getting puffed. Then after taking serrapeptase we found we weren’t out of breath anymore.
It’s the same when we join the Ramblers walks we can now take very steep incline’s with ease.”
Its obvious that Maureen’s enthusiasm for the silkworm’s secret is boundless. She goes on to tell me about serrapeptase success with facial cysts. Bob had had two for over 20 years: hard obstinate cysts.
“Since taking serrapeptase for two or three weeks one has gone and the other is much smaller and softened. A woman friend had one on her eyebrow ‘like a pea’ within two weeks it has practically gone.
She also does long distance walking from coast to coast and I’m sure she’ll be taking serrapeptase with her.”
“I discuss serrapeptase with my clients and often recommend it, I think it is amazing. Another success is the elderly man of 86 who suffers from diabetes. I couldn’t get his foot to flex at all, But last time I went round there I found a great improvement. He usually has very cold feet and wears two pairs of socks, this time he was only wearing one pair and when he took off his socks the change was dramatic. Some old scarring was greatly improved and the bluish tinge to his feet had been replaced by a healthy colour.
I had another client whose sinuses were permanently blocked. She decided to stay on the higher dose of serrapeptase. After 10 days I was amazed to see her blowing her nose.
Bob and I are currently exploring serrapeptase’s capacity to clear arteries.”

- Maureen Langdon

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