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It has greatly improved the quality of many of my patients’ lives.

Dr Simon Norton – Epsom Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Simon Norton who heads the Epsom Chiropractic Clinic is delighted with results. “It has greatly improved the quality of many of my patients’ lives”.

■ Varicose Veins

I’ve prescribed Serrapeptase for those with varicose veins on their legs that looked like a bunch of grapes. After a few months they’ve returned with scarcely any sign of disfigurement.

■ Headaches

“I had another patient with an obstinate frontal headache due to mucus in the sinuses. He had suffered with it for years. After three days on Serrapeptase he called me to say that the pain was disappearing and he could feel the dispersed mucus running down his throat.

■ Lungs

“It has helped smokers too. When they cough up a lot of stuff it is likely to persuade them of the damage they are doing to their health if they continue to smoke.”

■ Nephritis

Dr Norton cites the case of another patient who was suffering from chronic nephritis, necessitating high dose steroids. “She was told she would die if she didn’t take them and had given up all hope of having children,” he said. “She came to me because she wanted to reduce the strength of the steroids, Serrapeptase is a powerful anti-inflammatory without side effects. As a result of taking it, her steroid dosage is reduced from 30 m to 5 m and she is planning a family.”

■ Adhesions

The saying ‘physician heal thyself’ couldn’t be truer in Dr Norton’s case. He has used the enzyme for himself and members of his family with excellent results. “My son had to undergo major surgery for leg lengthening that resulted in painful adhesions. I used chiropractic techniques to work on his legs for eight years, but the condition remained. Then we tried Serrapeptase. I was amazed when, after a few months, these adhesions vanished.”

■ Tennis Elbow

Chiropractice is a physically demanding profession; practitioners often develop ‘tennis elbow’. It is a very painful condition, as Dr. Norton knows but, again, Serrapeptase came to the rescue. Rheumatoid arthritis also responds to this therapy, keeping pain under control. Dr Norton is also surprised by the speed with which the enzyme appears to work. “Chelation therapy time has been reduced from three years to one, and I’ve had patients who were huffing and puffing, playing bowls in a remarkably short time.”
The clinic’s approach is a holistic one. It aims to encourage people to build their health by making life style changes and using appropriate supplements. The silkworm’s secret has yielded a very useful one.

- Dr. Simon Norton – Epsom Chiropractic Clinic

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