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I have nothing but praise for this enzyme.

Writer Jenny Pulling interviews Mrs Gardiner

Mrs Margaret Gardiner was going through a bad time when we spoke. Work on her house had created a lot of concrete dust which has aggravated her asthma.
“In fact, I’m concerned it has done permanent damage to my lungs,” she told me. Sometimes, her asthma has been so severe she has been forced to take steroids. “I don’t like the side effects but sometimes they are life saving,” she says.
It was her sister’s experience with Serrapeptase that persuaded Maggie to try the remarkable enzyme.
“When she called me on the phone I simply didn’t recognise her voice. She suffers from emphysema, you see, and was usually very hoarse. “I’ve been taking Serrapeptase”, she said. It had also been marvellous in clearing bad bruising after an operation.”
Maggie has quite a lot of experience of pharmacology and is a sceptic when it comes to claims of ‘cures’. However, the results she’s had with serrapeptase speak for themselves.
“I have nothing but praise for this enzyme. I believe it is wonderful for any health problem due to inflammation. Any side effects are beneficial, for example, since taking it my Irritable Bowel syndrome has improved enormously.
“In spite of this bad asthma I feel not bad at all. In fact, although I am registered as disabled I had begun to feel almost guilty about taking the benefit. It’s a vicious circle though; if I was signed off I wouldn’t be able to afford Serrapeptase! I would be very worried if the proposed ruling against complementary supplements went through. It’s the big companies who are opposing them while they make a lot of money selling us drugs that cause such bad side effects.”

- Mrs. Gardiner

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