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Dennis Gore – Pharmacist and Broadcaster.

Dennis is a regular UK broadcaster on BBC GMR, Radio Merseyside and Radio Lancashire. He has a very busy pharmacy practice in Prestwich and is in great demand throughout the UK and Ireland as a speaker on health issues.

“I basically met Serrapeptase in about March 2002 as a result of the publicity surrounding the good results people were getting and the fact that it was available on prescription from Doctors in Germany and other European countries.

I researched it and found out that it was an enzyme made by a bacterium and was originally found it the Silkworm.

The Silkworm uses the enzymes to help digest the tough Mulberry leaves it lives on and spectacularly it uses it to instantly dissolve a large hole in the super hard wall of the cocoon it lives in. The silkworm moth then emerges quickly and escapes before predators can devour it. I found out that scientists in about 1970 started to culture this enzyme in the laboratory by feeding it a protein. The results were a dry white, tasteless powder that contains the Serrapeptase Enzymes. They then did some exploration research by giving it to animals and eventually humans. They found it was perfectly safe, with no side effects and so they set up properly conducted double blind studies. These showed that as well as getting rid of chronic inflammation they would also dissolve non-vital protein material. I read about Dr Hans Napier’s results with cleared blocked arteries and preventing the need for by-pass operations. I read studies from around the world where mucus and catarrh could be cleared very easily, swelling and trauma recovery and even non-cancerous breast cysts. In fact after mentioning this on my radio program, a lady telephoned me from Southport and reported that after using this for breast cysts, her doctors had given her the all clear.

The first dramatic effect that I experienced was with a man in his 60’s who had been a heavy smoker for many years. His wife wheeled him from a special van and into my pharmacy. He was very breathless in his voice and was difficult to understand because he has emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These are considered to be irreversible damage to the linings of the lungs usually caused by smoking or toxic environments. Whereas asthma may be considered reversible, COPD is an irreversible disease. Normally with this, the only thing we can do is to relieve or help, with say an oxygen tank or sprays to open the airways, or steroid sprays that help to stop inflammation. This man said he had heard me on the BBC Radio Program talking about the studies saying that it had helped to maintain the airways of people with breathing problems by helping to breakdown the damaged tissue that had built up over their lifetime, whether due to smoking or things like working with chemicals. He told me he was on sprays, on oxygen and on antibiotics every two weeks as he was always getting bad infections and breathlessly he told me he wanted to try Serrapeptase. To begin with, he took two 20,000 IU tablets on an empty stomach, four times per day. Later he reduced to four per day of the 40,000 IU capsules and finally, as maintenance, he reduced to a couple per day.

Three weeks later the door opened and this man, who I had only met once sat in a wheelchair (just one of daily faces in my practice), walked in and said in a completely clear voice, with no breathlessness, ‘do you remember me, I was in three weeks ago with my wife’. I had to apologise that I see so many people and could he remind me. He then reminded me that he was the person with emphysema and this 6’ tall person who had been in a wheelchair previously, had marched out of his van, no wife with him, no wheelchair with him and spoke to me in a clear voice. He told me that in the early days so much rubbish was coming up that he thought his lungs might be disintegrating, but he soon realised that it was a big, in Spain in March 2002. He is still a regular visitor to the shop to get supplies; he brings other people along, he buttonholes other people in the shop and praises Serrapeptase if he hears them ask about it. He is still so thrilled after 2 years of feeling good. clearout underway. He started to feel so much better and he was no longer on Antibiotics, no longer on oxygen cylinders and he was no longer using his sprays. He was still smoking and he had booked a holiday to go to Benidorm

This story related on the radio has given many people encouragement, who have gone onto the program themselves and been given a much better quality of life than they thought possible. Many of these who are smokers, and at that point have only a chesty cough, do not realise how it can easily develop into COPD and by taking the Serrapeptase are keeping it at bay.

All smokers should realise that no matter how pleasurable addictive smoking is, there are many chemicals and toxins in the smoke. Their quality of life, and possibly their life, is in the balance (40% of all deaths are from lung diseases).

Support from your pharmacist with nicotine patches and Serrapeptase may change those outcomes.

I mentioned before the world famous heart surgeon, Dr Hans Napier, from Germany who died in 1998. He presented to a press conference in Germany the results of his work treating people who had blocked arteries, using the enzyme Serrapeptase. He reported that he was able to cancel the operations for double, triple and even quadruple bypasses. He presented two former gymnasts who in their 70’s were scheduled for by-pass operations, suffering from cardiovascular disease, as they could ‘hardly walk across the room’. He reported that he was able to cancel, because their arteries were now clear. To make the point, the gymnasts proceeded to do cartwheels across the floor in front of the journalist.

When I related this information on the radio, many people started to take it for that. Three gentlemen, all scheduled for by-pass operations within a few months, contacted me to tell me their stories; one 69 year old Morecambe man, one 74 year old Chadderton man, and the other Rochdale man was also in his seventies. All three have been reporting back to me over the past 2 years and all three have had their by-pass operations cancelled by their specialists, who could find no symptom that would warrant an operation. Just taking 2-3 doses per day of the Serrapeptase appeared to have cleared their arteries and reduced their Angina manifestations and left them very delighted gentlemen.

The Gentleman from Chadderton has now had his 2nd appointment with his Specialist and again been given the all clear. That makes it two years in total. He is delighted to be able to travel and told me recently he was on his regular trip 200 miles south to play flat green bowling, which is not available here in the north. He is now delighted to be able to drive south with his wife and bowl for 10 hours.

One of the many wonderful benefits is to people with phlegm, catarrh and mucus problems. I have been selling for about 40 years as a pharmacist a whole range of well-known products and sprays for relieving sinus and other congestion. They do work, but when the person stops they can get what we call a rebound effect that means it can come back again with a vengeance. With the Serrapeptase, it is working in a different way and making the mucus material both in the sinuses and the back of the throat, with the lungs and especially with asthma, much thinner, which allows the body to dissolve it out quickly. It also stops the inflammation that is often the cause of the mucus and so it stops it recurring, giving a wonderful improvement to their lives and from such a natural product.

It really has been a wonderful experience for me as a pharmacist to be able to offer a working alternative when the traditional pharmaceutical route is not giving adequate relief and especially when that alternate is proven in studies and already accepted by the medical establishment in many western countries.

I can only see the use of this expanding as new uses arise nearly every month or so.”

- Dennis Gore

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