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Brain Hollingworth’s Multiple Conditions

A long time friend of Robert Redfern, Brian Hollingworth looks back to his 60s when his friends Robert and Anne Redfern visited his home. He has certainly taken the couple’s philosophy of good health naturally on board and particularly recommends Serrapeptase, Nattinokase/Serrapeptase Formula and Colloidal Silver.
“I had high blood pressure, all sorts wrong with me so I had to go to my doctor but told him I didn’t want to be put on drugs. I talked to him about herbal medicine and he told me I knew more about it than he did. I haven’t been back since. With Nattinokase/Serrapeptase Formula and Serrapeptase I’ve managed to sort my health problems out for myself.”
Brian’s employment history included a lot of heavy manual work and his joints have suffered.
“I can’t do proper exercise, I am not allowed to go walk about as I’ve had three knee operations. I find Serrapeptase a wonderful anti-inflammatory. And I’m convinced it’s keeping my arteries clear.”
“I am so convinced I sent both Nattinokase/Serrapeptase Formula and Serrapeptase to a friend in Ireland. She’d had a serious aneurysm. The results have amazed her surgeon. After six months it had completely cleared.”
“I’ve now got my wife onto these supplements. She had a thrombosis in her left leg due to varicose veins. We’re in our 70s but feeling younger by the day.”

- Brain Hollingworth

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