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Within three months the cyst had disappeared.

“I feel as though I’ve been given an extra life!” says 64-year-old Dorothy Antrobus,
“I feel and look good and it’s thanks to Serrapeptase. I swear by it.”
Some while ago Dorothy had surgery on her knee and all seemed to go well. Then she began to experience a lot of pain and was told she had developed a cyst
“The hospital did a MRI scan and suggested they could operate again to drain the cyst. I didn’t like the sound of that but I didn’t know what else to do. I was in a terrible state couldn’t even put my knee on the floor when I was doing my part time job in a shop. I couldn’t walk and I love walking but worst of all I have a lovely horse and I’d begun to face up to the fact I might not be able to ride him again. I needed my knees
“One day someone came to the shop to test food sensitivities and suggested I try Serrapeptase. She’d heard wonderful results from it.”
The rest is history. Within three months the cyst had disappeared.
“I was so impressed. Since then I have gone onto a maintenance dose of one capsule a day. I am riding my nine-year-old cob, walking, doing everything I want to do. It is absolutely amazing and must be due to Serrapeptase for I’ve taken nothing else. Of course the consultant will say it would have gone whatever you did because they are always so sceptical. Many doctors don’t agree with complementary therapies but all I know is that I had a knee that looked as if it had two kneecaps and now it is normal.
“Serrapeptase also helped my varicose veins. I do a lot of standing in the shop and have had an operation. I knew it was working when someone asked me ‘what are you taking Dot, you’re running up and down stairs lie a three year old.’
“When I look back I think how awful it was going out to look at my horse in the field and thinking ‘I’ve done all the hard work of showing and now when I could enjoy some hacking there’s too much pressure on the knee and I can’t do anything.
Serrapeptase has given me a new life. I think it is absolutely wonderful.”

- Dorothy Antrobus

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