• SerraPlus™ x60 (veg) tabs/caps


    High quality serrapeptase with MSM + Trace Minerals – Enteric Coated (Caps & Tabs)

  • Serra Enzyme™ 80,000IU Tabs/Caps x90 (veg)


    80,000iu’s serrapeptase per tab/cap, the world’s best selling serrapeptase, most trusted phthalate free.

  • Serranol™ x90 (veg) caps


    Unique powerful formula, containing Serrapeptase, Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava & Vit D3

  • BlockBusterAllClear™ x120 (veg) caps


    By any measure, the best and most powerful enzyme formula available.

  • SerraPet™ x90 (veg) tabs


    80,000iu serrapeptase tablets for all pets & animals. The No1 serrapeptase for animals, used by

  • Serra Enzyme™ 250,000IU Caps x90 (veg)


    Maximum strength ‘Miracle’ enzyme serrapeptase, 250,000iu per cap, phthalate free

I feel marvelous, there is no pain.

“Over the weeks I have chatted with Dee who runs our local pet shop, Paradise Pets. She is a sufferer of Chron’s Disease and has a history of surgery. As she told me: ‘For years I fought this disease. I’d had so much surgery that there was nothing more the medical profession could do. I’d been left with lesions that caused me so much pain. I’d come to work and be doubled up, my life was very limited as I could not go anywhere very far away.’

I suppose it was about eighteen months ago that I suggested she try Serrazyme. The rest, as they say, is history. Again she told me: ‘I take Serrazyme religiously every morning and evening with a glass of water. I am, quite honestly, a different woman. I feel marvellous, there is no pain. Last year my husband and I were able to go on holiday with no problem.’

But that’s not all. When Dee was told that her little Shitzu dog had a large tumour in her throat and it was probably best to have her put to sleep she sprang into action and began to give the animal Serrazyme. ‘The results are amazing. The tumour has shrunk considerably and she is able to enjoy her doggy life’.

‘Both of us have benefitted so much from wonderful Serrazyme.’”

- Jenny Pulling

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