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Serrapeptase really does give you your life back.

“I am 64 years old, and have had asthma since I was a small child, my dear mother did not realise that a lot of the food she gave me, dairy products etc. contributed to the constant infections and the severe bronchitis I suffered. I missed so much time at school, and I have been in hospital a number of time through the years, with my life in danger on several occasions, a Dr. telling me on one of them that I gave them a very bad time, I guess they were up most the night trying to keep me going, as they injected more and more drugs into the drip in my arm. As quite a small girl, my father saved my life by giving me medication he obtained from the local chemist by injection. We lived in the heart of the Irish country side at that time, and my parents reckoned that I would be gone by the time he arrived. My situation got worse if anything when modern powerful drugs were introduced. I felt better and safer when I used the old “Rybar” inhaler I was used to, but after a little while it was no longer available, I felt quite devastated, because modern drugs like Ventolin seemed to loose their effect the more they were used, and one required larger and larger doses.

A course of de-sensitisation in injections for my allergy to dust mites gave me a much needed break, but after some years my symptoms began to return and I was put back on Ventolin and a steroid spray which I used for about eight years. By this time I was married and living in England. My husband became disabled just after we were married so I was his carer, and also trying to earn a living for us at the same time. I could not understand why I was told to use the sprays even when I was not having trouble with symptoms! Without warning one day a blood vessel in my throat ruptured, and I felt as if I had swallowed something sharp, I had bleeding from my throat and had no idea what had happened to me. This caused much pain and discomfort, I could hardly bare to swallow, it was TORTURE! This happened several times over the next year or so, and then I gained some information about the dangers of modern drugs and especially steroids. I believe that my throat problems were caused by the thinning of tissue in my throat as the result of using inhaled steroids. The professionals never seemed able to give me any explanation for this problem.

Realising that I was going “down hill” fast I became determined to give up the steroid spray, and with my Doctor’s approval, I slowly weaned myself off it, using diet and herbal alternatives to help control my symptoms. I tended to get “panic attacks” through fear that I would end up in hospital as the result of my actions. I knew I could expect no sympathy from my GP. as I had made the choice to virtually take on my own heath care. Every day I managed to keep off the steroid spray and then the Ventolin was a real victory, but I had to stick to a very strict diet. My condition however slowly improved, but I still had problems in the winter.

After about ten years during which time I had no serious attacks, we moved to Sussex, and I now had not only the care of my husband (I was a full time carer at this point) but also needed to help my brother-in-law care for their very elderly mother. The stress caused by moving and trying to establish ourselves in a new area, together with all the work needed to make our flat a comfortable home seemed to leave me very run down, depressed and with a number of other health problems.

This past winter was a very bad one for me, I seemed to have a viral infection on my chest, and my condition was really deteriorating again. I then had to go and see the asthma nurse at my Dr’s practice because my Ventolin inhaler which I had to use in the winter if I was really poorly, needed replacing. She asked me to blow into a “Peak flow meter”, which I was reluctant to do, as I never got a good reading, not even when on full medication, which only caused a slight improvement. Nurse was shocked “your reading is only HALF what it should be!!” she announced, then added, “Is this the only spray you have?” When I said “Yes”, I realised that she wanted to put me back onto the Steroid spray, I was horrified, and begged her to let me continue as I was for the moment, to which she very reluctantly agreed. I reckoned that I would rather try to manage with what amounterd to only one lung, than accept steroids again, but what was I to do? Then I discovered Serrapaptase, and having done some research on the internet felt it was worth a try, and what a TRANSFORMATION!

The first thing I noticed was some slight discomfort in my spine, and I realiased that my posture had improved quite a lot. It was never that good since child hood, but now I can stand straight with no trouble. Then I could feel my chest beginning to clear and a few days later, I took what felt like my first really DEEP BREATH in MANY YEARS! It felt absolutely wonderful – at last I could go out and even run without getting out of breath. I have not used my reliever inhaler since, and what a surprise the Asthma Nurse is in for when I keep my next appointment! No longer do I have a constant “frog in the throat” which has prevented me from singing for years, so now I can burst into a song of praise as I do my work with a light heart, no more depression and my health has improved so much, the problems I experienced with my digestive system seemed to have been sorted out, so that I am now able to eat properly, before this, even small amounts of food (no matter how healthy it was) gave me a number of problems, my system just did not seem to be working properly and I had almost no appetite, my Dr. could not help either. Now I have just decorated our flat, and have so much energy, it is amazing, before I could hardly cope with basic housework!

Yes, Serrapaptase really does give you your life back, a real answer to prayer for me. I am so happy to recommend it to others, and look forward to learning more about it as I read “The Second Gift from Silkworms is Serrapaptase”

Once again, many thanks!”

- J. Shirley Hirst

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