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Osteoarthritis: Ann Marlatt, RN

“I have not had to take any other medications since just a few days after I started taking Serrapeptase. Congratulations to a wonderful discovery.
I am a very busy RN who has suffered with osteoarthritis for many years. I began taking Ibuoprofen more than 20 years ago and have steadly increased that dose to be able to function. Over the years I have added other medications and supplements to my daily routine, always concerned about what it was going to do to my body in the future. After having a long talk with my physician I decided I needed to find some kind of alternative therapy to avoid the consequences of taking all that medication. I felt lucky that I still had my stomach and GI system still in working order and knew that it would not last forever. I came across the information about Serrapeptase.
It was difficult for me to believe that this product could be as successful as it was advertised. I did endless hours of research on line before deciding to put this product in my body.
To say how wonderfully surprised I was that this product actually worked is a large understatement. I have not had to take any other medications since just a few days after I started taking Serrapeptase. Congratulations to a wonderful discovery. Congratulations to all of us who decided to give this fantastic product a try.”

- Ann Marlatt, RN

1 Response to Osteoarthritis: Ann Marlatt, RN

  • Joe Vowles says:

    April 27, 2012 at 06:16 pm

    I got off Celebrex two years ago after my twin sister died from a perforated bowel from taking Celebrex and I have been taking Serrapeptase for two years now and need no other medication. I have no sore joints anymore, only a little stiffness first thing in the morning. I am 62 years old and still do everything I did at 40. I just wish my sister had known about serrapeptase. This information needs to get out to the people who are treating people with arthritis because the drug companies will obviously be against it. Joe Vowles Victoria B.C.

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