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Nurse Linda Tranter’s Practice

Nurse Tranter Practice

Since Nurse Linda Tranter opened her own Natural Health Practice in Gateshead she has never looked back. Helping people back to health is what she always felt was her calling. At a recent conference a colleague recommended an enzyme that has been getting much publicity recently, called Serrapeptase. This enzyme was found being used by the Silkworm to dissolve its way out of the rock hard cocoon in seconds. Research Scientists took this enzyme and after growing it in vegetable matter, have found it to be the perfect anti-inflammatory and to get rid of dead tissue in the body. The colleague who recommended it had great success and, although Linda was initially sceptical, she has now tried it both on herself and on a
great number of patients. She and they find the results are quite astounding. “It is so good. Everyone should be taking Serrapeptase,” says Linda. “I prescribe it
for a number of health problems and the results I see speak for themselves. One woman had suffered all her life from lumpy breasts. After taking Serrapeptase for three months her latest mammogram revealed the cystic lumps had reduced from nine to one.”

Linda, a qualified hospital nurse, wishes consultants would be less non-committal. “Its not all in the mind,” agreed a young woman solicitor who stopped practising because of chronic fatigue syndrome.

“I feel a different woman”, she told Linda, after 10 weeks on the enzyme. “I’m taking it on honeymoon with me,” another client who suffered from candida announced. “I can’t live without it now.”

An advocate of a clean healthy colon, Linda believes many of our ills are due to clogging our systems with sticky carbohydrates. Serrapeptase acts as a detoxing
agent and reduces pain. “Clients with IBS suddenly realize they haven’t grumbled for weeks,” Linda confirms. “It’s uphill work convincing people”, says the bubbly therapist. She regrets clients are developing health problems at a younger age, often due to diet. “People find talk about enzymes difficult to accept. They’re used to the instant fix of antibiotics. I tell them they’ll need two tubs of SerraZyme before they see results.” And Linda has great news for men who are concerned with developing prostate trouble. “I had one client who was distressed because it took him ages to pass the smallest amount of urine” she said. “I suggested he took Serrapeptase and he agreed to give the enzyme a try. He called me recently, delighted with the results. ‘I’ve only taken two tubs and… well…. its working!’” Varicose veins, parasites; the one-time sceptic is enthusiastic about the healing properties of the silkworm’s secret. “I am monitoring its effects and writing my own paper,” she said.

“Personally, I’ve taken Serrapeptase for five months and I feel fantastic.”

- Linda Tranter

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