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Broken Back & Neck – Paralyzed

“I would like to share a testimonial with you concerning one of my clients. A gentleman was brought to my clinic who had fallen out of a tree stand while deer hunting. He broke his neck and back in the fall. The nerves were not severed, but were so badly damaged the doctors said he would be paralyzed for life, with no hope of ever walking again.

He was paralyzed from the chest down, and had very limited use of his hands and arms. It is my understanding that he was in a wheel chair for two years prior to seeing me. I suggested SerraEzyme, along with some other supplements. In about a two month period he had regained a tremendous amount of strength in his hands and arms. He also had feeling down both sides of his body and was able on occasion to feel the muscles in his legs and move his feet. From the improvement I have seen in him, I believe he will walk again!

I’ll keep you informed of his progress.”

-Jerry B.(Nutritional Consultant), USA

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