Serrapeptase Testimonials


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Gravatar_transparente100“CRVO stands for Central Retinal Vein Occlusion and I have been blind for over ten years in my left eye by a partial occlusion. I have pursued herbal supplements very actively and found nothing until I started Serrapeptase two months ago and my eyesight in my left eye has improved over 50%. I am excited and I hope that with in another six months my left eye will have perfect vision.”

- Allan

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert

Hope all’s well and thanks for your help so far. You’ve been far more help than even my ENT consultant/surgeon so far to be honest :) Well here I am 2 weeks in and report as follows:-

Sinuses and nose feel completely clear almost as if there was never anything wrong with them. I’ve lost a good half stone in body fat or thereabouts, my smell and taste are back to normal too, it feels great!”

- Matt S.

Gravatar_transparente“I’ve been taking SerraEnzyme 80,000IU, 1 – 3 times a day, plus  the Curcumin and B vitamins for my returning Morton’s Neuroma after 2 surgeries to treat it a few years ago. I’ve been doing this for about 10 weeks now and the swelling and annoyance has gone away quite a bit. I use my feet a lot for riding horses so will continue to use the above formula. I’m 60 yrs. old.”

- Barbara

Gravatar_transparente“Dear Robert

I thought I would give you an update on my progress.
I have been taking the Serraenzyme, Curcumin, Dip, MaxiVision & Gastro Enzyme Therapy for about a month now.
I have also included raw organic unpasteurized milk which I use to make a “kefir” fermented milk drink which has also greatly helped with the Crohns because it contains so many more probiotics & enzymes.

I have reduced my wheat intake because I felt unwell cutting out completely.

I think all the above are definitely making a positive impact on my body because the gastritis has nearly all disappeared and the raw milk kefir has calmed my bowel because as soon as I introduced it into my diet it had a positive impact. I would normally not drink milk because it irritates my bowel but I have no problem with the raw milk.

I feel so much better and healthier.

I am afraid to reduce my Serraenzyme enzyme, Curcumin and Gastro Enzyme because I have cut down on my anti-inflammatory drugs to only four tablets and I have thrown away the proton inhibitor drug for gastritis!!

I am still taking every day :

6 Serraenzyme
6 Curcumin
6 Gastro Enzymes
4 MaxiVision
1 D.I.P
Raw organic kefir half a cup

Plus meditation & very gentle exercise, because if I do too much I feel unwell. I feel I have definitely made progress in big way and am getting stronger every day.”

- Sudha B., United Kingdom


Gravatar_transparente“Robert, I have been taking Serranol now coming up to two months and also commenced Krill Oil which replaced my intake of orac omega supplements. I have also made alterations to my diet making it all more alkalizing as suggested by yourself. I have been focused on doing yoga 3 to 6 times per week. I can see significant benefits to my wellbeing which includes a reduction in my MS symptoms. Many thanks.”

- Sarah S.

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert,
Many thanks for the valuable advice that you give to your subscribers, of which I am one.
For your reference, I had a massive heart attack just over 7 years ago at the age of 64 at which time just under 30% of my heart muscle was lost.
For six years I was taking 40mg/day of Lipitor until I discovered through my belated research, the dangerous potential side effects of this statin drug.
I also discovered (thanks to your good advice) that by changing my eating habits, losing excess weight and doing regular exercise, I would be able to progressively distance myself from taking this particular drug. I have now been off Lipitor completely for seven months and just recently received the results of a full comprehensive blood test.

These results ‘stunned’ my doctor and of course gave me a great feeling of personal satisfaction and relief. I would like you to know that SerraEnzyme 80,000iu Serrapeptase is top among other supplements that I have been taking for some time. (6-8 capsules SerraEnzyme 80,000iu per day). I have also found that by cutting out grains and processed foods and by reducing my sugar intake to basically only around 15-20g of fruit fructose per day, this has greatly assisted me in maintaining my health. My wife who is suffering from Fibromyalgia, has now commenced sharing my SerraEnzyme 80,000iu Serrapeptase capsules every day.”

- Paul, Australia

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert,

Amazing news! Just after 2 weeks of taking 3 x Serraplus, I can finally get the end joint of my finger moving! This is unbelievable news, for me personally. The pills have cleared up in the first instance the adhesion and scar tissue.

After 5 months of no movement, and having tried laser, wax, heat, ultra sound, painful hand therapy, silicone gel strips, stress balls, putty, fibrobands etc, the internal scarring has shifted and broken down.

It’s early days yet, as I can’t fully make a fist, but this is huge progress. Now waiting for the scarring lower down the finger to clear up.

This has potentially saved me another surgery that I was due in for in 3 weeks, and after months and months of hard work to no avail and being left upset and depressed I can finally see light.

I find it astounding that no one in the NHS has heard of Serrapeptase. I was even told by my nurse not to take it. For something so useful and effective I am amazed that it is not publicized. It seems that the industry at large does not want people to know about this.

I tried basically everything and anything and gave up hope. You have allowed me to live again. My thanks to you is endless. “

- Stu

Gravatar_transparente“I’m a MASSIVE fan of serrapeptase!!! I have vulnerable knee joints (plus mild osteoarthritis) that injure easily. My knee gets so swollen that I have only a very, very, small range of movement. I take 3×3 capsules of Serrapeptase daily for a 10 day period but usually within a few days most of the inflammation has gone. I take a maintenance dose of 3 capsules daily. I have also noticed a lessening of my carpal tunnel syndrome, gum disease and other general aches and pains.”

- Sooze H.

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert, a week ago I contacted you after you were on The Power Show and told you a little about myself and my 2 year lung problem. I had one of your books but had not read it. I got right to it and did not stop until I finished it. It was such a detailed book for anyone to obtain health if followed. I am now breathing like a normal healthy person after only a week. I started with three Serrapeptase capsules and one Curcuminx4000 capsule, three times a day and since I do not eat processed foods I just upped my raw vegetable intake and water. I feel wonderful and now I’m beginning to exercise. Thank you, thank you.”


                            – Judy P.

Gravatar_transparente“My husband has aortic valve stenosis and has been taking for about 6 months your recommended dose of 4 x  80,000 IU of the Serra Enzyme and 4 x BlockBuster twice a day morning and night.

The doctor wants to replace a valve do to the fact that one of his arteries is 60% blocked which would mean he would have to have a new catheterization test which my customer says is very dangerous.

I believe the Serra Enzyme and Blockbuster is helping because one symptom my husband had before taking these was Sleep Apnea which has 95% gone away.”

- Celina E.

Gravatar_transparente“I have never been so excited over a product in my life as I am about Serrapeptase. I have been on it for two weeks and it has taken my angina away. I have had heart issues most of my life. I’m 57 and have been on heart meds for 39 years. Can you imagine? The electrical part of my heart is faulty. The heart is good, but not its function. Not sure what the chest pain is all about, but Serrapeptase has stopped it. Also, my fatigue is improving. I used to be down in bed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I have an alternative medical doctor that has helped some over the years. But….not as much as Serrapeptase has in two weeks!

Hubby is on Serrapeptase too! He had the start of pneumonia which he’s prone to. In two days….Serrapeptase stopped it! He’s fine now!

I praise God for you, your awesome book and the products! I have been buying your book at various places and giving them to people to read! I totally believe in you and the product! Hugs from Wisconsin.”

- Diane H.