Lymes Disease


“Hi, this may seem strange to you but, I initially started taking serrapeptase as part of treatment for Lymes disease. Some of my numerous symptoms were hair loss, loss of collagen, shortness of breath, hypercoagulation etc. And I also had a wart on the bottom of my foot that wouldn’t go away – about 5 days into taking the serrapeptase my hair loss decreased significantly. After a month, the wart on the bottom of my foot was almost gone! After about 2 months, the shortness of breath was much better. I then started an all-natural protocol (still using the serrapeptase) and I am now after 3 months feeling better than I have in 2 years! Thank you.”

-  Melisa Y., CANADA

“Sian Roberts led a busy life practising and teaching aromatherapy until stomach problems sent her to hospital for tests. Not long after that she began to lose a dramatic amount of weight.

“Limes disease was mentioned but I wonder if while I was in hospital I picked up some kind of bug. I’d also been working very hard so it might have been stress. As a complementary therapist I believe in the spiritual side of life and that everything happens to maybe teach you a lesson. But this was hard I couldn’t get well though I

tried and tried and tried.”

Finally Mrs Roberts discovered Serrapeptase and the Serrapeptase/Nattokinase Formula. And on reading this information she started on a course of ozone therapy aimed at cleansing the body of bugs and viruses.

“My health has changed remarkably in the last few months,” says Mrs Roberts, “I can’t believe how different I’ve begun to feel. At one time I couldn’t even go out shopping now I’ve started walking again. My problem, if there is one, is that I’ve started putting back all that weight.”

A familiar sight in her doctor’s surgery waiting room three months have now passed without her going there.

“I’m so grateful for these products”.

“Now I am really starting to pick up the pieces and eventually I hope I can start working again.”

- Sian Roberts