Joints or muscles


“Hi Robert,
Just wanted to let you know that probably because of the serrapeptase, the food I am eating and the juices that I’ve had, my recent blood tests came back great. I have no swelling anywhere and all my joints are great. No inflammation. Thank you so much for the information you have given me and for your support.”

- Adam P.


“Hello, A quick note to let you know that I am experiencing a wonderful side effect to the Serrapeptase I’ve been taking for about a year now to deal with joint pain. As a baby born in South America I lived through a severe case of sporotrichosis which left a lot of scars on my body. Over the years these scars have become less vivid; however I have been noticing a great change in them as a result, I am certain, of taking serrapeptase regularly–some of the bigger ones seem entirely gone. I wish I had thought to take a “before” photo! I hope this might help others with similar conditions.”

- Cat G.

“I first started ordering Serrapeptase for my neighbour. I am her Naturopathic Counselor. She had a cough that wouldn’t go away, and one of the groups I am in recommended Serrapeptase. After taking 2 tablets 3 x a day of the 40,000IU capsules for about six weeks, her shortness of breath had lessened, her voice was back to normal, and her cough had subsided to just a little.

After doing much research on this product, I decided to buy a case. I gave some to my brother and his wife, my sister, and my son. I started taking 2 capsules 2 x a day of the 40,000IU the first part of March 2007. I did not have any real ailments that I was targeting, but, being a smoker, (I know I should quit), I realized the benefits it would bring. I had a constant pain in my back for over 20 years. It was something I just lived with, and never really took anything for it unless it got too unbearable. After taking Serrapeptase for about three weeks, I was talking to someone about it, and I realized I had no pain. Ever since that time, I have been pain free. This is probably the first time in my life that, no matter how hard I work (and I’m a hard worker), I am completely pain free all the time, and I feel great.

I am so amazed with this product that I talk to people all the time about it. Almost everyone I know could benefit from it one way or another. I now take 2 to 3 a day just for maintenance.

P.S. I didn’t mention it earlier, but I’m in my 50′s and feel like 30.”

Date: 6/20/07

- S.D., USA

“Severe pain in his back and knees was affecting Mr Owen’s life badly. He walked sideways ‘like a crab’ as he puts it. That was until he heard about Serrapeptase on the Dennis the Chemist Radio programme.

I made up my mind I’d give it a try,” he says. “I’d just like to say that it has worked wonders for both my back and knees. I have very little pain these days. I also recommended it to one of my sisters and it has cleared up her chest problems.”

- Ralph Owen

“Dear sir or madam,

Just to say how magic serrapepase tablets are. I have been taking them for 4 months, my knee / hands – no pain and I can now ride my bike…and my colestral has gone down alot. I can now walk quickly and not get out of breath!!! I have told lots of my friends as it is remarkable.


- Marcia Hoppe

“I suffered from low back pain for approximately two years. I went to a chiropractor and took pain medication, plus pain lotions. I felt relief from Serrapeptase in one week. I’m 80% improved, and I am able to have a much more active life and do things that I hadn’t been able to do for more than a year, due to the intense pain.”

Date: 02/05/07

- F.B., USA

“I have had a miraculous result with the serrapeptase! 30 years ago, when I was 19yrs old, I had a nasty fall and caused major damage to my wrist. It took 6 hours of surgery to save it. I recovered, but I was left with constant pain and a loss of sensation in my hand. I could use it, but it was as though it wasn’t my own hand. The doctors said it was fibrous scar tissue pressing on the nerves. This has continued for 30 years until a friend suggested I try Serrapeptase for an issue to do with my arteries. I was sceptical but agreed to try them. I took 6 SerraEzyme 80,000IU for 6 days and suddenly felt enormous twitches in my wrist and I started to get the sensation back. It was my own hand again!! The pain has reduced considerably. For it to work after 30 years is just miraculous. I will continue taking the high dose of SerraEzyme until the pain has gone. I am telling everyone about it.”

- Sharon Scott