“I just recently purchased the Serrapeptase with MSM and noticed a tremendous difference with my menstrual cycle. I have two small uterine fibroids and always have terrible cramps. This cycle, I had no pain and didn’t realize that it had started. Amazing. I did some additional research and found that Serrapeptase mixed with Nattokinase has had lots of success with reducing uterine fibroids.”

- Alicia McCalla

“I suffered Endometriosis on the outside of my uterus, as well as several small fibroids located in my uterus. I had excessive bleeding for four years, with clots and uterine pain. My menses were lengthening to 10 days. I was eating only organic products and staying away from hormone injected foods, such as dairy and non free range meat. After I had an endometrial ablation done in November of 2005, they could not remove the fibroids or the endometriosis. So, in February of 2006, I started on Serrapeptase for a few months. The pain started decreasing almost within the first week! I finally went in October of 2006 for a vaginal partial hysterectomy, and afterward, I was told that there were no fibroids and my cervix and uterus were normal. As a result of taking the Serrapeptase in 2006, I was able to resume a fairly normal, activity-orientated type of lifestyle, without so much pain.”

Date: Feb 6, 2007

- H.G., Canada