“I suffered from high cholesterol (278) and high triglycerides (360) and had bad arthritis in my hands and knees. I took Serrapeptase and prescription medications that helped with the arthritis. After about three to four months, my cholesterol went down to 180, and my triglycerides went down to 170. As a hairdresser, my hands don’t tighten up any more.”

Date: 2/8/07

- R.M., USA

“I suffered from diabetes, and high cholesterol. I had quadruple bypass heart surgery. I had a hip replacement and a hip revision surgery. I lost the working of one kidney. (I’m suspicious that it’s from one of the many medications the doctors put me on since my heart attack in 2000.) I suffered from diabetes for many years. The heart operation made the doctors and me aware of it. As far as high cholesterol, I don’t know. The heart operation made both the doctors and me aware if it. I had a hip replacement in 1989. My hip revision was in 2005. I became aware of not having function of my left kidney some years after my heart operation. I’m suspicious because the drug Glugopharge was prescribed after the operation, and I’m allergic to Sulfur, and Glugopharge contains sulfur. As a youth, I almost died from taking Sulfurdiocene, which was the wonder drug at the time, before Penicillin came out. I was in excruciating back pain. Also, after my hip revision, the healing time went beyond the time it ordinarily should. I could only walk short distances without a mechanical device. I was taking all sorts of drugs. I’d say after a week of taking Serrapeptase, I realized that I was doing better. As time went on, I wouldn’t take the chance that I would go back to the way I was feeling before I started taking Serrapeptase. I went from using a wheelchair to walking without a cane. I still limp. (I think the doctor screwed up when he operated on me.) I lost my faith in doctors and the drug companies. I stopped taking many of my medications. Because of not taking a regiment of drugs, my excruciating back pain is gone. (I attribute that to my discontinuing LIPITOR). I am still taking a regiment of pills, but mostly all of them are natural with no side effects. There either herbs or vitamins. The only prescriptions drugs I’m still taking are ACTOS; Folic acid 1mg.”


- J.B.B., USA

“I’m so glad I heard that program. I bought myself a bottle and after two weeks the pain lessened.”
Walking was agony for Mrs Malone. The severe arthritis in her knee was so severe and none of the many prescribed medicines she tried had any lasting benefit. By chance she tuned into Dennis the Chemist on her local radio station and heard the name Serrapeptase for the first time. ‘Worth a try’ she told herself.

Says Mrs Malone: “I’m so glad I heard that programme. I bought myself a tub and after two weeks the pain lessened. Then I ran out of it and the pain returned. I’ve been on it ever since. I take 2 in the morning and two in the evening and it has definitely helped me.”
“Recently I went for blood tests because I am anaemic and it appears that both my blood count and cholesterol levels have improved so maybe Serrapeptase has given me other benefits. I tell everyone about it and I just know I’ll go on taking it forever.””

- Eileen Malone, Isle Of Man

“If you need any more confirmation of Serrapeptase curative qualities just ask Elizabeth Hardman. She lives in a village with her husband Peter and is spreading the word following Peter’s amazing improvement in health.
While the couple were in New Zealand he began to experience chest pains when he did any walking. On their return he consulted his doctor who diagnosed an ulcer and gave him medication. But the pains continued the moment he made any exertion even walking on the flat.
A second opinion confirmed that Peter had a blocked coronary artery and was suffering the awful pains of angina.
“They put him on the usual cocktail of drugs including aspirin,” says Elizabeth. I used to be a practice nurse and I’m clued up on the long term effects of taking aspirin for these complaints, how the blood count can go down in many cases so I was concerned especially as he made no real improvement. We turned the corner the day we discovered serrapeptase.
The couple’s son in law, an advocate of complementary and natural therapies said quite simply: ‘put him on serrapeptase, it’s wonderful’
“The results have been truly wonderful,” continues Elizabeth. “Peter’s only been on them since March and there has been a dramatic improvement in both his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. By then he was off all the other drugs and only taking serrapeptase. To give you some idea of the difference: after a year and half on the other drugs his cholesterol levels had reduced from 9 to 8.1; since using serrapeptase it went right down to 3.4. In fact, I was worried it might be TOO low as I’d read such a level could cause other health problems. Our GP reassured us by suggesting I add more fat to his low fat diet.
You can hear the delight in her voice as she continues: “Here is my husband with a healthy blood pressure, good cholesterol levels and he now has a lovely colour. There was a time when he looked pallid and there was even a blue tinge to his nose.
“Very very rarely does he have an attack and even then its nothing like it was when I’d see him writhing with pain. We do quite a lot of travelling and recently when we went to Disneyland he did all five parks with no problem.”

- Elizabeth and Peter Hardman