Dear Robert Redfern,

“First of all, thank you for making Serrapeptase known throughout the world. I had a quintuple bypass three years ago. I take Altace 10 mg for blood pressure, 80 mg of Aspirine and 10mg of Lipitor every day. I started to take Serrapeptase enteric coated Mega tablets+MSM+Trace minerals (40,000 IU) three times 3 tablets a day for two full months now and I feel great and full of energy.”

- Raoul Fox

“Hi Robert,
In January, my bad cholesterol was 212, my triglycerides were 476, and my blood sugar level was 124. The doctor couldn’t measure my good cholesterol, because my triglycerides were so high.
In the second week of March, I starting taking two 400 mg capsules of Serrapeptase twice a day. By the second week of April–without changing my diet–my bad cholesterol went from 212 to 181, my triglycerides dropped from 476 to 356, and my blood sugar level dropped from 124 to 112.”

- Bobby Leopard Windsor, SC

“Mr and Mrs Jones are spiritual healers and have helped many people with health problems in the course of their work. One of their clients is over 80 years old who suffered a stroke some time ago. The Jones’ suggested she try Serrapeptase as an aid to clearing the arteries and sure enough her walking ability improved.

Mrs Jones adds: “We were amazed by its power in dispersing two cysts, one on her back and one on her breast After only three bottles of Serrapeptase the one on her back has completely disappeared while the one of her breast is shrinking. She says she feels wonderful!”

The Jones’ have had their own positive experience with the silkworm’s secret. About three years ago, Mr Jones had a bad fall. Conscious of his recent hip replacement he took the full impact on his left shoulder which left him in terrible pain.

Mrs Jones takes up the story: “We were going on a coach holiday to Slovenia when this pain really flared up. The doctor prescribed an anti inflammatory but the side effects were disastrous and my husband stopped taking them.”

Returning to another doctor for a cortisone injection, Mr Jones was told that the problem was not in his shoulder but his arm. At that point, the couple read about Serrapeptase.

“I said to my husband, I’m going to send off for those; I’d rather have £60 less holiday money if you can be pain free. He started taking them 3 weeks before our holiday and the happy ending is that the pain went away and never came back. Now he can swing his arms above his head!”

Having proved for themselves the efficacy of Serrapeptase, Mr and Mrs Jones often suggest it to their clients. And Mrs Jones is an advocate of the low carbohydrate diet prescribed by Robert Redfern.”

“It’s brought my diabetic sugar levels back to normal,” she smiles. “It’s amazing!”

- Mr. and Mrs. Jones