Back Problems (Lower)


“I have been taking Serrapeptase for one year now on a regular basis. I broke my Coccyx last year after getting trampled by a horse. It snapped off completely and is now floating at a 45 degree angle. I was given the usual Diclofenac and Codeine by the hospital which neither helped the pain and made me feel like a walking zombie. I discovered Serrapeptase initially through another company and used it when the pain was unbearable. It worked better than the prescription drugs but I was constantly in pain and had fluid build-up through the bone moving around. After many visits to the doctors I was given an injection in the spine between the broken bones, this was supposed to last a year. The side effects were awful. It was discussed whether or not to remove the bone but it was decided that it was too risky.

I was by this time barely getting any sleep when exhausted and if I moved in the night I was back wide awake in agony. Earlier this year I was looking on the internet and found your website. I ordered 4 packs of the 80,000iu serrapeptase and started taking them as instructed. Within three days I had my first proper night’s sleep since the accident. I no longer have fluid build-up and can put my jeans on first thing. Although I will probably always have to keep taking Serrapeptase I cannot thank you enough for the quality of life I have got back. Keep up the good work.”

- Julie


“Having had back problems since I was about 17, (I am now 49) I had reached a point of being in continuous low grade pain with frequent acute attacks of pain. I was unable to sleep for more than 3 to 4 hours per night, then tossing and turning until it was time to (literally) crawl out of bed.

I started taking Serrapeptase and two months later I was sleeping all night every night. I have also noticed a huge improvement in my asthma. I now take a maintenance dose of 2 capsules per day and have recommended it to so many people.”

- Kelly P.


“I am 60 yrs. old and last year was told I have some osteoarthritis in my lower back…
I tried 60,000 IU of Serrapeptase and on day 4, my lower back pain was gone. It has also cured floaters in my eyes that I have had for 30 plus years, arthritis in one finger, and my fingernails have also started growing again. I have a lot more energy…..and just one bottle did the trick.”

- Elaine N., Canada


“I am starting my third week of taking Serrapeptase 120,00IU. I am finding it has given me more energy and I have also received a calming feeling with much more tolerances. Therefore I’m a very happy lady of 80 years. The pain in my lower back and legs has also been reducing. I am very happy with the results so far. Thank you.”

- Mary S.


“I have to tell you I was not sure about trying something I’d never really heard of. But after researching Serrapeptase online, it sounded so safe and like it actually works for so many people! My lower and mid back were so jammed and locked, I thought for sure I would have to go to the doctor for physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was walking bent over and couldn’t stand up straight.
I tried the SerraEnzyme 80,000 IU in the tablet form as soon as I received it. I started out with four pills, then three a few hours later and then three later before bed, all on an empty stomach as was recommended. When I woke up, I was still in pain, but knowing it takes a while to kick in, I decided to just ride it out. I did take a few painkillers but it didn’t really help that much.
The next few days I lowered my dosage to two pills, three times a day and then two twice a day. It’s now Monday and I’m almost pain free! I can’t believe it! I’m not one who is normally positive about trying new alternative treatments and the fact that this works is amazing to me. I’ve had my back go out previously and it took months for it to heal and that was with the help of a Chiropractor three times a week.
I plan on continuing to take it even when my back is 100% pain free all the time. It’s now about 98% pain free! Heart issues run in my family, so I will continue to take this as a preventative therapy also.”

- Deo W.



“A consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon in the UK has recommended serrapeptase as it has powerful inflammatory properties. I have had two operations for a prolapsed disc L5/S1 and it has mildly prolapsed again. The surgeon does not want to operate again because the scar tissue from the previous operations has attached to the nerve. I have started taking 2 serrapeptase tablets, 3 times a day in an effort to relieve my lower back pain.”

- Steve W.

Gravatar_transparente100“I have faith in the serrapeptase because I went on it when my lower back went out so bad, about a year ago. I took 4 x 4 for about a week and my severe lower back pain went away, along with my inability to stand and sit properly.

Thanks again, and I will keep in touch.


- Marjorie D.

“MRS. ROSE PARKER, who lives in London, sounded bright and cheerful as she told us how delighted she is with the results of taking Serrapeptase. Not only has it helped long term and severe back pain but also reduced something many women hate ‘love handles’. Like most, Mrs Parker doesn’t take things on face value. She took matters into her own hands when it seemed the medical profession couldn’t come up with the answers. Her story starts 7 years ago when she was washing the car.

“It happened in a second! Suddenly I couldn’t move”
Unfortunately for Mrs Parker this was something that wasn’t going to get better with rest. The prolapsed disc has developed into a crumbling of bone around the disc and nerve root impingement. In simple terms she continued to suffer awful back pain which spread to sciatica in her legs.

“I had that for about four weeks. And it returns from time to time: this terrible spasm pain”. Prescribed very strong pain killers by her GP Mrs Parker suffered bad side effects. “I had diarrhoea, sickness and a sense of disorientation. I had to give them up. Then I was offered back surgery which I declined. I belong to the Back Pain Association and had heard some scary tales. When you think about it, you are dealing with something very delicate: the spinal cord.”
Things came to a head when she was due to go into hospital for an epidural and nerve block. She developed flu and was not well enough to cope with it.

I started going on the internet looking up references to sciatica and then I picked up on serrapeptase. I started taking it and took a really heavy dose for the first bottle, after a further two bottles it did seem to have eased. Within six weeks I was noticing a real difference.

As I’ve said already Mrs Parker is an intelligent woman who finds out facts for herself. She wondered whether this might be a remission or the psychological effect. But then she noticed something amazing. Since her injury she had developed ‘huge swellings’ at the top of her legs. Alternative application of ice and hot water bottles had had no effect. Now they were going down.

“It is Serrapeptase’s function as an anti inflammatory that has helped me,” she declared. “I’m definitely going to carry on with Serrapeptase. I’m down to a maintenance dose now: one in the morning and one at night. But sometimes, for example today when I’ve come back from a deep and very painful massage (prescribed on the NHS) I’ll be taking another.”

- Mrs. Parker

“I had a severe slipped disc about 9 years ago and was in a lot of pain for 4 years until I found serrapeptase. I have taken it ever since, it is amazing. I just take 2 a day, unless I do something to my back, which is once or twice a year, when I take a much higher dose, which gets rid of the pain. I would not be without Serrapeptase, it is like my crutch, I rely on it to keep me pain free. My husband takes it for mild asthma and it certainly helps him. I tell everyone about it, including my chiropractor.”

- Linda Wigman