Animal Treatment


“Hi, we were told there was no way we could ever stop the cancer from spreading on our cat’s larnyx and were given a life span of 2-3 months. We started on 2 Serrapeptase a day along with steroid treatment. We truly love this cat. She is part of our family and she’s now feeling wonderful.”

- Barb M.


“This is a story about Serrapeptase and Oscar, my 14-year old Bichon Frise dog. Feel free to use this message as a testimonial for Serrapeptase.

Since he was a pup, Oscar has had a skin allergy; and now that he is a bit long in the tooth, the condition seems to have worsened.

We sent Oscar to a groomer the other day for a bath and groom and, I suspect the groomer used the wrong type of shampoo and/or allowed the hot clipper to irritate his skin.

The following day he showed signs of a strong allergic reaction: irritated bright pink skin and itching all over. Oscar was obviously in misery, trying to stop the itch by rubbing himself on the carpet and furniture; he was in a state of complete discomfort. And this was the worst attack of this nature that he has ever experienced.

In past occurrences we would take him to a vet to get an injection of antihistamine and the problem would be solved. But, being late Saturday afternoon, no local vet was available. Then Ngareta came up with the idea to try Serrapeptase on him since it works so well for us. Knowing that we would have a struggle on our hands trying to send a tablet down his throat, we cut an 80,000 IU Serrapeptase in half and mixed the contents with some food. Almost immediately, he calmed down and the itching had obviously stopped. His skin was still pink so we knew that he wasn’t completely cured.

Several hours later, the itch returned – but not as violently as before. We gave him the remaining half of the tablet and there is definite – but not yet permanent improvement. But we’re confident that the Serrapeptase was the perfect solution to Oscar’s misery. He slept very soundly that night.

We will immediately order some SERRAPET.


- Ngareta & Joe Ring


“I was suffering from Arthritis and was getting no help or sympathy from the doctor. I started taking 4 SerraEnzyme per day and within a month I felt lots better. I then decided to try it on my cat who has diabetes. He was very thin and listless, even though he was eating. It has given him a new lease of life, he is still thin, but is full of life.

I also gave it to my Shih Tzu dog who was having bowel problems. It has completely cleared that and he is back to normal. It is a fantastic product, i recommend it to everyone.”

- Mrs. Robertson


“I just wanted to say how fabulous this product has been for our cat. Clipsee is a deaf 16 year old cat, over the past year or so she’s really slowed down, sleeping so deeply sometimes we wonder if she’d died, becoming very stiff in her hindquarters to the extent that her tail had lost it’s vocabulary and she was obviously in discomfort.

Then a month ago she became incontinent. The vet wasn’t any help, saying that it was a loosening of the closure of the bladder due to old age. It was a few days later that I was placing an order for curcumin, and I decided to order serrapeptase too.

Wow, what a difference, within a week she was more mobile and alert but still leaking. A month on and she’s regained the vocabulary in her tail and she’s much much more mobile, out and about all the time, and the leakage has stopped. She’s still deaf as a post, but who knows, maybe she’ll regain some hearing as well, here’s hoping. I’m just thrilled at how much happier she is and how much more life there is to her, it really is as if time has rolled back.”


Gravatar_transparente“This is just to say a well-deserved thank you. I ordered the SerraPet tablets for my terrier who has arthritis in his back leg and was losing muscle. This was painful for him. He has been on SerraPet for nearly one month. He can now go on nice long walks and does not limp or carry his leg the next day. Also his muscle is building up. Thank you for a great product. I am going to tell my vet about SerraPet.”

- Julia


“I wanted to follow up with you! My pet dog Destiny, as you may recall was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. The diagnosis was made after a tracheal wash – so it was a real diagnosis. We have chest x-rays from over a year showing chest congestion. She struggled for a year going from one holistic vet to another and they tried Chinese herbs, acupuncture, etc. Nothing worked. She coughed endlessly and was miserable.

Anyhow, after 25 days on serrapeptase she went back to the vet today and her lungs were NORMAL and the blood work (which had been elevated due to the steroids and pancreatitis) was normal and even that shocked the vet because generally blood levels do not stabilize that quickly. SO, we have a SUCCESS STORY here. THANK YOU so very much!

I have been sharing your website with everyone. I breed and show collies. I would like to tell Destiny’s story on my website and put a link to your site. Is that ok? I am so happy and grateful for this MIRACLE supplement! And, she healed very quickly after the obstruction surgery and bounced back in an amazing fashion!”

- Jill L.


“I would like to post some feedback about the marvelous improvement my dog has made, after giving her SerraPet tablets. My 7 year old dog, Sky, decided to take a flying leap into oblivion, over the wall of a bridge, unaware that there was a drop of approximately 30 feet onto stony ground. She destroyed the ligaments in her right front wrist which was totally unstable and she had temporarily dislocated her right hip joint.

Six weeks later, after an operation to plate her right front wrist she was still feeling fairly sorry for herself even though the splint had been removed and she was able to walk about. I had heard of Serrapeptase through a friend and decided to give Sky two tablets each morning and evening. Within 24 hours she had improved a lot – she was much happier in herself. She still had her limp but she was moving more freely and seemed so much better overall. I have continued with the 4 tablets daily for the first pot of 90 tablets and am now going to reduce the dosage to 1 tablet every night and morning. She still limps and we have to be careful to restrict her exercise but she is now almost back to her old energetic self.”

- Jane and Sky


“Dear Robert, I e-mailed you about my little pit bull with the cervical disk problem, I don’t know if the Serrapeptase helped with that but I do know that it has prevented any episodes of the inflammatory bowel disease that she has had for 3 years, ever since she went through the trauma of 5 surgeries in 2 years.

Just wanted to let you know, we now appreciate the fact that we don’t have to take her out at 2:00am any longer, she doesn’t run away from her food because of the pain she associates with eating anymore, and no more bloody stools.

I know it is the Serrapeptase because this is the only thing we are using. Thank you.”

- Spencer C.


“My cat had ringworm. I applied a topical cream on to help. Her tail was totally hairless, and so were her legs. Since taking the serrapeptase she is now off of the cortisone as well as the antibiotic, both of which she took daily.

I’m thankful to have heard about Serrapeptase for my sake as well as my cats. I’m now spreading the word to others.”

- Cheryl H.

Gravatar_transparente“I was told by my vet that my dog Krystal would need a £2,000 leg operation. Krystal been very poorly with leg, skin and hair problems, as well as feeling tired. She is only 6 and was acting like a dog twice her age. Unable to pay the £2,000 I put her on to the SerraPlus myself and she now has a quality of life she has never had before. She can now walk and even run without limping and her hair is not falling out any more. She is now enjoying her friend Blossom, my other retriever. I didn’t realise at the time that you offered these for pets so now I can 100% recommend these to anyone out there with a concern for their pet. And I say 100 times over thank you so much for introducing these to me. Both myself and my dog are taking SerraPlus every day.


- Krystina