Serrapeptase Testimonials


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Gravatar_transparente“Three years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma. After reading your website about how Serrapeptase works I intuitively theorized that it will help my glaucoma by dissolving the debris in my eyes’ sewage system over time. I stopped taking the medication from the hospital and focused on SerraEnzyme, Serranol and Blockbuster Allclear (mixing and interchanging them) up to 12 capsules daily. I also improved my diet to emphasized vegetables and good oil (coconut and palm oils). Two weeks ago I had my latest test and the pressure in the eyes were 17 and 18. Unknown to the doctor I have not taken any of his prescriptions for over two years now. I strongly believe the Serrapeptase plays a role in improving the eyes waste disposal system and I know that my eyes are certainly healthier than they were three years ago.”

- Chris

Gravatar_transparente“I ordered serrapeptase after it was recommended by a relative. My husband has suffered with extreme pain for 18 months with gallstones and severe pain after eating. It was recommended that he have his gallbladder removed, but we were so reluctant to go down this route, so I browsed the internet for alternative remedies, and decided to search natural remedies.

Well, when my relative suggested serrapeptase I decided to research this product and was so impressed with the testimonials, I decided to order some and give it a go, as we were really desperate now and my husband was in so much pain. Although it is early days, only three days into taking the serrapeptase he has had 2 completely pain free days and is feeling so much better, and no longer scared to eat. We are excited and hopeful, but like I said it is early days and I will keep you informed.”

- Lynette

Gravatar_transparente“Dear Robert Redfern,

I received your Miracle Enzyme book from What a super book it is – so informative! I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and am on 80,000IU, 3x daily for the last month. My coughing, phlegm, mucus and tightness in chest has decreased by 75%. I feel much better. I should stay on this regimen for a few more months than decrease dosage. Thank you so much on your book it has saved my life. May god bless you now and forever.”

- Robert J., United States

“Hello Robert,

I just started taking Serrapeptase Tuesday evening, picking some up on the way home from work. I am amazed at the difference!! I have had neck pain and headaches nearly every say for more than 20 years. I have had relief now for three straight days! Never have I been this long without some type of headache pain! Right now I feel great! Serrapeptase really makes the difference!! The little Chihuahua gets her relief next! She is not on any vitamins, but she is taking medication for her enlarged heart and her constant coughing. My elderly mother; she is 91 and is very hunched over with a great deal of pain in her neck and shoulders. It is probably far more painful than I can even imagine. Serrapeptase may be a Godsend to her. Thank you again!”

- Robert W.

Gravatar_transparente“I ended up taking four bottles of Blockbuster starting in January and my latest scan which I had taken showed that my blockage has reduced from 70% to just under 50%, how amazing is that. The specialist asked me what I had been doing and my husband and I decided to tell her, she said she had never heard of Serrapeptase and I was surprised that she didn’t seem to show much interest, she just said that she was very happy with the results and just to keep on doing whatever I was doing. You would think that she would have been more excited. Thank you so much for your previous advice. This is just the most amazing product and I am surprised at how quickly it has started to work for me.”


Gravatar_transparente“I am in my 70′s now, but when I was in my 30′s I had a hysterectomy and they took some of my bowel away at the same time. I have had trouble with my bowels ever since. I started taking Serranol and Curcumin in December last year and am delighted to say that my bowels are now perfect.”

- Marian T.

Gravatar_transparente“I got off Celebrex two years ago after my twin sister died from a perforated bowel from taking Celebrex and I have been taking Serrapeptase for two years now and need no other medication. I have no sore joints anymore from my Osteoarthritis, only a little stiffness first thing in the morning. I am 62 years old and still do everything I did at 40. I just wish my sister had known about serrapeptase. This information needs to get out to the people who are treating people with arthritis because the drug companies will obviously be against it.”

- Joe V., Canada


“My husband whacked his thumb with a lump hammer. He increased his dosage of serrapeptase and then we put arnica cream on it…The results were that the swelling went down after 24 hours and the bruising was bright purple over most of his hand on Friday morning and was hardly nothing from Friday afternoon onwards. The pain was minimal and the movement is now much freer. Amazing!!
Kind regards from a very happy household, Little Voices School.”

- Zambales

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Rob,

We’re already taking Serranol, the wife and I that is, we’re 54′ish. Have had good results thus far after almost 2 months:
- We both have Dupuytrens contraction in our hands mine has disappeared in the right hand and is almost gone in the left, wife is showing reduction but hers was worse. My GP told me my only option was surgery – if it got bad enough!
- I had surgery on my right middle finger after an accident with a saw which severed the tendon, very messy repair and lots of scarring and loss of sensation, etc. Have seen a big improvement here with the scar tissue and the feeling and mobility of my finger.
- I’m Type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, control seems better but I’m also on a diet regime which is basically a 1950′s diet with less refined sugars and no yeast as I’ve found I have an intolerance – so the jury is out on that one.
- I have ED and have improved symptoms on the Serranol i.e. the dawn horn is back to a certain extent! Seems to be improving as time goes on, fingers crossed!
- I have lipohypertrophy in my abdomen due to insulin injections for over 30 years, I think this might be finally reducing due to the Serranol after 15 years or so here’s hoping.
- One problem which did hit a speed bump is my knees, however, I was training hard for a 50 mile charity bike ride, I was getting severe, though intermittent stabbing pain in both knees, even though I was on the Serranol, just from walking along; this has since subsided and I hope it stays away!
- I’ve had a small lump on my left leg for years which is now disappearing.
- I’ve been feeling better and sleeping better, sleep has been a problem.

All in all I’m delighted and hope these improvements to my quality of life carry on, I know it won’t cure my diabetes but if I can lessen some of the deleterious effects then bring it on! A big, big thanks!

P.S: My wife is a practice nurse in a GP surgery and we tried Serrapeptase on recommendation of one of her patients who was raving about the positive outcomes on his Arthritis pain.”

- Trev C.

Gravatar_transparente“After 1 year and 5 different doctors all with different opinions for treating what they think is Polymyalgia Rheumatica, I was running out of steam and needed to do something for myself. With a daily cocktail of painkillers and Prednisone…well nothing really cut through the muscle pain, headaches, sleeplessness and fatigue. I read about Serrapeptase and ordered my first pack. Within days of taking I’m moving around better. Not taking painkillers. Sleeping better. And best of all my daughter says I seem happier. Fingers crossed that the benefits continue because from where I’m standing I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.”

- Amanda G., SWEDEN

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert, I never really got round to thanking you.  I was diagnosed with mild lung fibrosis and I sent for your Serra Plus+. I did the whole course along with other things and had an X-ray and much to my surprise my lung x-ray was clear. I did ring for another 4 tubs just recently as I was feeling tight chested, but now I am feeling fine , so once again thank you so much for this product.”

 - Mrs. D. Dunning

Gravatar_transparente“I came across your site sometime last year and took your recommendations for my mom who has diabetes and was complaining of a constant throbbing in her left arm above her elbow.
I got the serrapeptase and she used it and after a couple of weeks she found much relief.
My sister in Canada also used it for a painful lump under her right arm. After using a bottle of serrapeptase she felt a lot better!

I recently got it for a lady (70 yrs) with breast cancer. She has had a hard mass in her right breast from working with chemicals for many years. She has been using Arimidex and started the serrapeptase 40,000IU taking 2 a day.

There is lots of inflammation in her breast since it has become a hard mass. On a daily basis the fluid would drain off, sometimes with a bit of blood. After weeks of Arimidex only a very tiny area to the top started to dry up. Thank you so much for all your info and also thanks for answering my request.”

- Florence S., Trinidad and Tobago

Gravatar_transparente“I have been taking Serrapeptase since April, and as a typical Yorkshire girl I will use them before ordering anything else.
So far I have found that taking these tablets has stopped my ankles from swelling, and I have started to feel more energetic than I have done for months.
Hopefully the arthritis and the ligaments will improve over the next few months.”

- Josie